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This disclaimer covers material displayed on or accessed via the website and includes any related training programs, educational material, informational lectures, social media platforms and members areas (collectively called ‘services’).

We aim to educate trained medical professionals to understand the relationship between biochemistry and mental health for better patient results. This is important work that we are passionate about however there are limitations on the information we provide. This disclaimer sets out some of those limitations. Please read this disclaimer carefully prior to accessing our services.

Our services are designed for professional continual education purposes for suitably qualified medical practitioners and select allied health professionals, to be applied in conjunction with other professional training. Where our services are accessed by allied health professionals, treatment of patients must always be undertaken in conjunction with a qualified medical practitioner. Users of our services should never hold off or delay conventional treatment due to information supplied by us, our material is intended to be used in conjunction with established medical practice.

The content in our services is made available in good faith and for informational and educational purposes only. We are not providing individual medical advice. Although we aim at presenting a range of patient presentations and outcomes, the information is generally not specific to any one patient, does not necessarily consider underlying conditions and may not be suitable for all patients. Case studies or examples provided may not be typical and where they do consider individual patient circumstances, the application of information from that patient may not carry across to all patients.

Our services are not designed to be applied as ‘stand-alone’ treatment. Users of our services must have background knowledge and experience in their medical field to be able to apply the information provided in our services. It remains the user’s responsibility to ensure the information they access and apply is suitable for their practice and the circumstances of their patient. We are not responsible for any application of information provided in our services and make no warranty that desired outcomes will be achieved. We also make no warranty that the services will be accurate, up-to-date or best practice for any jurisdiction.  We are not responsible for any part of the services being misleading or misinterpreted by a user.