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Teaching the biochemistry of mental health

Psychiatry is different from other medical fields in that diagnosis and treatment are based on mental health symptoms, rather than testing the biochemical physiology of the patient. Treatment reviews are based on a change in patient symptoms. This excludes the biochemical and physiological changes associated with mental health symptoms.

Bio Balance Health trains health professionals worldwide, including medical doctors and specialists, health practitioners, and pharmacists, to use specific pathology tests to identify biochemical imbalances commonly associated with mental health symptoms. Addressing these underlying biochemical imbalances can help patients return to optimal health.

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Course overview

The online training courses include self-paced learning modules with pre-recorded lectures and downloadable manuals. Content is supported with scientific references and patient case histories which demonstrate a wide range of clinical presentations that allow you to see and learn, the evaluation and treatment of patients with mental health and behavioural symptoms.  The syllabus is reviewed to meet Australian regulatory standards; please check with your national regulators to ensure compliance outside Australia.

What you will learn

  • Use of biochemical and biomarker measures related to mental health
  • Knowledge of key nutrients and imbalances associated with mental health symptoms
  • Identifying symptom clusters associated with related biochemistry, and measuring the response to treatment
  • Clinical evaluation, selection of testing and use of laboratory reports for effective, individualised and targeted treatment programs for patients.
  • How to effectively implement the program within your practice at completion of the training.

Bio Balance Health is a CPD education provider. On completion, practitioners manually self-record their participation for self-learning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

“The material I was taught by completing the BBH training was life changing. I would never have imagined that mental illness was related to biochemistry in that way. I am so pleased to be able to offer my patients something so valuable and to see positive outcomes.”

Medical Doctor Training

The online course is an intensive syllabus for Medical Doctors, providing a valuable, additional quantitative tool to support their patients. Coordination of objective measures used in conjunction with clinical evaluation processes enables doctors to individualise current mental health treatment options for their patients.  Sequential measurement determines treatment response enabling refinement of patient treatment plans.

Module One – Introduction to Targeted Biochemical Therapy
Module Two – Differentiation of Clinical, Biochemical and Biomarker Presentations
Module Three – Practice Setup and Implementation
Module Four – Resources to support implementation
(Total 30 Hours)

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Registration Fee:  $1,850 (inc GST)

*Eligibility:  Includes registered Medical and Specialist Doctors.  Bio Balance Health uses platform to deliver the pre-recorded online lectures.
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Health Practitioner Training

Bio Balance Health announces online training for health practitioners

Due to increased patient demand, we have opened our training to eligible* Health Professionals. This aims to enhance the current patient care model, and provide health practitioners with an understanding of the biochemistry and pathology related to treatment of mental health symptoms.  Nutrient therapy is used not necessarily only due to deficiency, but to augment enzymes which are functioning sub optimally.  Diet, lifestyle, counselling, and other currently recognised clinical guidelines are essential for quality care in patients with mental distress. The use of pathology to guide targeted treatment for the individual is an area shown to augment all current care and be an adjuvant to psychotropics.

We encourage health practitioners to work within their scope of practice, in synergy with Bio Balance Health trained doctors, psychiatrists and paediatricians, to ensure patients receive the best possible outcomes

The purpose of this course is to provide health practitioners with knowledge of biochemistry and the management of mental health symptoms. The syllabus has been developed and researched in Australia by Bio Balance Health.

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Registration Fee:  $1,850 (inc GST)

*Eligibility:  Includes AHPRA registered Health Practitioners and registered Naturopaths (ATMS, ANTA) (or international equivalent).  Bio Balance Health uses platform to deliver the pre-recorded online lectures. Click here to view cancellation policy.

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Pharmacist Online Training

Pharmacists Online Training provides Compounding Pharmacists with a valuable resource to meet their shared patient responsibility with Bio Balance Health trained doctors prescribing individualised nutrient therapy.  The course gives pharmacists a comprehensive overview of the power of nutrients to improve neurotransmitter function, via self-paced flexible learning platform and includes a number of pre-recorded lectures.

The program delivers an understanding of the biochemical imbalances commonly associated with the mental illness and the assessment and management process utilised by Bio Balance Health trained doctors, which, when combined with current treatment options, may improve patient outcomes.

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Registration Fee: $1,200 (inc GST)

*Eligibility:  Includes registered Pharmacists and Compounding Pharmacists (or international equivalent).  Bio Balance Health uses platform to deliver the pre-recorded online lectures. Click here to view cancellation policy.

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