Our innovative research projects

Bio Balance Health (BBH) trains doctors in the measurement of the biochemistry/biomarkers associated with mental health symptoms. These measures also demonstrate treatment response. This fills a resource gap in current psychiatry care. The DSM-5, which is the manual used by psychiatrists, is based on symptom classification, and gives no objective guide to treatment.,

BBH supports and funds research at leading universities to validate the use of the biochemistry and biomarkers we are measuring. Our research aims to increase understanding of the physiology of mental health symptoms and how to manage repair. This enhances outcomes for patients.

BBH supported research has demonstrated the following:

      • Pyrroles as a Potential Biomarker for Oxidative Stress Disorders (Voisey,Lambert1)
      • Violent boys respond to nutraceuticals. (Hambly2)
      • The addition of nutraceutical treatment can reduce annual hospitalisations from 20 days to 2 days per year. (Stuckey3)
      • Epigenetic changes in veterans with PTSD are transferred to their offspring. (Voisey4)
      • Schizophrenia can be confirmed to high probability with a combination of biochemistry, biomarkers, and sensory measures. (Fryar-Williams 5)
      • Measures of several waste products in urine (not found in healthy patients) give severity and treatment response for a variety of physiological changes whose symptoms may mimic mental health. Molecular validation of chemical pathways indicates source of waste product. (Lambert 6)
      • High dose B6 has no role in managing mental health. B6 is not related to high urinary pyrroles.  (Lambert 6)
Current research at QUT is cross correlating pathology, nutraceutical treatment, psychiatric drug therapy and other measures with epigenetic changes. Click here for more information.

Research papers, in the hundreds of thousands, investigate the relationship between mental health symptoms and nutrient imbalances. BBH provide the only training for medical doctors in how to apply proven pathology knowledge.

Patients whose quality of life is destroyed by mental health symptoms deserve better care choices.

Research funding is dependent on individual gift giving. There is little profit or status from studies based on normalising function through repairing physiology so there is not yet interest from large corporations.

The benefits for patients are this process is safe, it works, side effects are minimal, often transient, and able to be managed. Our doctors know it supports and improves all other treatments.

If you can measure something, you can manage it.

One of the most damaging statements made by leaders of the AMA is “Vitamins and minerals are expensive urine”. Yes, if not measured. Understanding the individual allows for high dose targeted compounded products which support normal function. Incorrectly selected nutrients can create harm, which is why measures are necessary.

Urinary pyrroles and mental health symptoms

BBH initiated the only current research to validate components measured in the urinary pyrroles test and how they relate to mental health symptoms. The world first paper from our research was published in February 2023 titled “Pyrroles as a Potential Biomarker for Oxidative Stress Disorders“.  Published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences as part of the Special Issue: Molecular Mechanisms of Schizophrenia and Novel Targets 2.0 and is available online: https://bit.ly/IJMS-PyrrolesOxidativeStressBiomarker

The new urinary pyrroles testing methodologies are producing much clearer results and improved outcomes for many patients treated by BBH doctors (ie. False positive and false negative results have been largely eliminated from testing, combined with a better understanding of the underlying metabolic processes and imbalances).

Proof shows waste products in urine can indicate a number of underlying metabolic issues presenting as mental health symptoms. Currently these other underlying conditions may be missed.

This test is now strongly recommended as a first overview for patients presenting with symptoms of mental health. Repeated testing will show how treatment is working. This urine test is not a standalone test. It must be accompanied by other related tests.

Since validation of this test, research opportunities have opened up. If you would like to know more about specific research projects please email info@biobalance.org.au. If you would like to donate to our research projects click here.

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