Our innovative research projects

Australia and New Zealand have the highest suicide rates for youth in the world. For Australia and New Zealand this is a big problem with so many people suffering from mental health which may lead to suicide. In Australia we’ve had the worst bushfires in history, years of ongoing drought, floods and cyclones and now we have Covid-19. These all add to our growing mental health numbers.



We have fabulous researchers having great positive impact by leading the way to change the way we understand what triggers mental health. We are looking at understanding the differences in every individual and targeting their treatment just for them.

This is challenging work and very rewarding, particularly for the person being treated.

We have doctors and scientists working together to find and improve targeted nutrients to help people recover from the problems they face, be it anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia PTSD, PND and ASD. We are not able to display testimonials and know you would be inspired if you could hear some of the stories. Good research creates changes in the way people are treated, new tests, new targeted individualized medicines and compounds making medicine specific to the needs of the person being helped.

The researchers we work with have some of the best equipment for testing nutrients and how they work in a human body. The universities who have been conducting this biochemical based research are very excited by their findings and are now looking for financial support to complete their current work.

Bio Balance Health supports these researchers and asks you to do the same. BBH has just signed a contract to work with QUT on Responding to an epidemic of clinical depression resulting from Covid 19. Dr Jo Voisey, QUT, is heading up this trail.

Bio Balance Health is a charitable organization that is an important part of the caring community wishing to improve outcomes for people suffering from any form of mental distress.

Most of our sister organizations focus on supporting people in distress.

What Bio Balance Health does is teach doctors how to assess and manage biochemical changes which affect normal brain chemistry and create abnormal behaviors, moods and symptoms. The changes do not happen overnight, management is complex, and doctors are rewarded by seeing the result of long term regaining of brain health.

Many of the underlying reasons for mental distress create physiological changes within the
body. BBH doctors work with the brain biochemistry to reduce the severity of symptoms. This allows other interventions to work more effectively. Our Doctors, trained in Australia, have been working in this area for 17 years, with positive clinical results.

Medical Practice has increasingly moved to only accepting knowledge gained through randomized controlled trials which, in the main, benefits specific pharmaceutical drug therapy. When the premise of medical treatment is rebalancing of multi-factorial systemic biochemistry this model of research does not apply.

We have a number of researchers in Australia whose aim is to validate the positive clinical outcomes of patients who attend doctors trained by Bio Balance Health in the Walsh/Pfeiffer methodology.

There are biochemistry deficiencies which can be measured and corrected.

There are biochemical and sensory biomarkers which can correlate with chemistry deficiencies and also demonstrate reduction in the deficiencies.

Epigenetics is a great tool to demonstrate effectiveness of pre and post treatment markers.

The issue with all of these research ideas is they do not convert to a product which can be patented and make into a successful commercial business.

Instead research, based on nutrients, benefits the patients by empowering the doctors, the testing laboratories, and the pharmacists, to identify and provide the specific nutrients for each patient to optimize regaining and retaining better brain health.

There are a number of universities willing to work in this area.

We have been blessed with philanthropic individuals who have funded and supported our research to date.

Covid-19 stalled some of the research projects requiring clinical patient contact and opened other opportunities.

Other research projects are more technical and are still proceeding.

As well there are interested researchers and doctors preparing future research projects. The doctors who have undertaken the training to develop the clinical skills needed for individualized nutrient therapy are highly skilled and dedicated.

Universities we work with appreciate these doctors and enjoy knowing they have a team of clinicians willing to inform and support their research.

Research projects currently underway

A Masters project at Griffith University Brisbane looking at reliable useful biochemical biomarkers for sustained oxidative stress

A combined group pilot project investigating reliability of a range of biochemical and sensory biomarkers related to symptom presentation based in South Australia.

Using epigenetics, QUT investigating the response of patients with defined depression to nutrient therapy

Research in planning

Alzheimer’s, can early biochemical intervention change or slow development? Schizophrenics- investigating a change in biochemistry.

B6 How to manage its use. One carbon Methylation. Research wish list

PND and biochemical relationships, can they be anticipated and managed? PTSD -CAN we demonstrate long term oxidative stress changes to biochemistry?

ASD- Further work on the Violent and Aggressive Boys paper of 2016.

Bio Polar -can we better anticipate and manage the cycling of depression and mania?

There are so many exciting areas to research, all with beneficial outcomes for the community. We know, as we have trained the doctors who are passionate about this care and know it works.

If you are as curious as we are about exploring the science then please help by donating.

Bio Balance Health will direct your funds to the project in most need at the time of giving.

When possible we will provide research names so you can target specific projects.


If you wish to know more about specific research projects please email Alison Harrington, Chair of BBH Board and she can arrange a conversation. alison@harringtoncc.com.au