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What we believe in

• Mental health is often associated with a set of biochemical changes that can be measured and managed.

• If we give the body the fundamental materials and components that it needs to repair itself, it will have better capacity for healing.

BBH educate doctors to understand the biochemical changes which can occur in a patient with mental health symptoms. Each patient’s individualised treatment program can be based on their biochemical changes and related symptoms. This helps patients understand there are changes in their body which can be measured and managed to reduce symptoms and removes the stigma of mental health.


If there are physical changes in the body, they must be able to be measured and monitored.


We believe this is real medicine with real science.


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Dr J Hickey

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Bio Balance Health began in 1988 when two Australian parents visited the Health Research Institute- Pfeiffer Treatment Centre (now closed) in the USA, and met with William J Walsh, PhD, Scientific Director. They were so impressed with the work being done there in managing patients with mental and behavioural disorders using individualised biochemical and nutritional programs, they resolved to bring this knowledge to Australia. Joining with like-minded Australians, they set up Bio Balance Health Association in 2000.

Under the guidance of Dr Walsh, this volunteer team worked hard to establish the pathology assessment facilities not available at that time in Australia, which inform the Doctors of the patient’s biochemistry. Dr Walsh trained the first doctor in Australia in 2004.

Dr Walsh returned to Australia annually to conduct training for doctors. Starting with the aim of having just one doctor in every State able to use these skills, the team never imagined how many doctors have now been trained, nor the positive outcomes for their patients of applying this knowledge. Reducing the stigma of mental health, by being able to explain to patients of an underlying biochemical cause which can be managed to reduce symptoms, is very empowering. Ability to better identify the most appropriate psychiatric medications and minimising severe side effects, and by understanding the relationship between biochemistry and medication, is important knowledge.

BBH is dedicated to support research to validate the skills taught, and have further developed the training syllabus to be fully referenced and compliant with Australian medico-legal requirements. BBH’s Australian faculty is highly skilled in these techniques to transfer this knowledge.

Bio Balance Health is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation which relies on medical doctor training programs, membership and supporter donations for funding. It is run by a Board composed of a majority of Doctors.


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