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Bio Balance Health Ltd has the following Value Propositions.

• Mental health is often associated with biochemical profiles which can be measured and managed.

• If you give a body the fundamental materials, and components, it needs to repair itself, it will have the capacity for healing.


The field of Psychiatry uses symptoms to cluster patients into similar disorders as their main diagnostic tool, but it does not use guidelines for treatment. (DSM-5)

BBH trains doctors to use conventional pathology tests to measure biomarkers associated with mental health, in combination with point of care diagnostics. These skills in measuring physiological changes add to the standard medical training for mental health.

Determination of the one carbon cycle status can aid the practitioner in selecting the correct class of psychotropic agent for interventions and use of targeted nutrients can also assist in the efficacy of the appropriate psychotropic drug.

Doctors who add to their standard medical training for mental health by effectively measuring physiological changes, find patients’ symptoms improve, side effects are reduced, and psychiatric medication is more effective.

Due to successful patient outcomes doctors who have done this training have long waiting lists and new patients find it difficult to access our doctors.

BBH also conducts world leading original research in collaboration with Australian based Universities to ensure doctors are using validated and appropriate biomarker testing.

BBH does not promote itself in the media as our purpose is to train doctors and support research. By providing resources to train doctors we can ultimately change the lives of patients who seek treatment because standard practices have not worked.

Evidence suggests there are significant financial, and society benefits from the integration of this pathology in the management of mental health.

Psychiatry is different from other medical fields in that Psychiatrists use mental health symptoms as the basis of patient treatment, rather than testing the biochemical physiology of the patient.  Treatment reviews are also based on a change in patient symptoms.

The Bio Balance Health (BBH) training gives doctors an additional tool to support their patients, by testing for biochemical and biomarker changes that are commonly associated with mental health. BBH also teach doctors to correlate these test results with the patient’s symptoms, to individualise current mental health treatment options.

BBH believes:

  • mental health is often associated with a set of biochemical changes that can be measured and managed.
  • if we give the body the fundamental materials and components that it needs to repair itself, it will have better capacity for healing.

Our relationship with universities to develop leading new research, our dedication to using well-referenced training developed by experienced medical practitioners, has equipped us to educate doctors to offer additional mental health treatment options for patients.

We educate doctors to understand the biochemical changes which can occur in a patient with mental health.  Each patient’s treatment program can be based on their biochemical changes and related symptoms.  This helps patients understand there are changes in their body which can be measured and managed to reduce symptoms and removes the stigma of mental health.

If there are physical changes in the body, they must be able to be measured and monitored.

We believe this is real medicine with real science.

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Bio Balance Health was initiated in 1988 by two Australians following their visit to Health Research Institute- Pfeiffer Treatment Centre (now closed) in the USA, and their discussions with William J Walsh, PhD, Scientific Director. They were so impressed with the work being done there in managing patients with mental and behavioral disorders using individualised biochemical and nutritional programs, they resolved to bring this knowledge to Australia. Joining with like-minded Australians they set up by Balance Health Association in 2000.

Under the guidance of Dr Walsh this volunteer team worked hard to establish the pathology assessment facilities not at that time available in Australia, which assist in informing the Doctors of the biochemistry. Dr Walsh trained the first doctor in Australia in 2004. As well, he gave public lectures in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The success of this visit prompted Dr Walsh to return to Australia each year since, to conduct training for Australian and overseas doctors.
Starting with the aim of just having one doctor in every State able to use these skills, the team never imagined how many doctors have now been trained, nor the positive outcomes for their patients of applying this knowledge. Reducing the stigma of mental health by being able to explain to patients of an underlying by chemical cause which can be managed to reduce symptoms is very satisfying. Being able to reduce the chance of choosing psychiatric medications which may have severe side effects, by understanding the relationship between biochemistry and medication, is an important knowledge.

Bio Balance Health is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organisation which relies on medical doctor training programs, membership and supporter donations for funding. It is run by a Board composed of a majority of Doctors.
The knowledge, brought to Australia by Bio Balance Health bringing Dr Walsh here every year since 2004, has created positive outcomes for many thousands who thought that, for them, good health was not recoverable.
The results Australian doctors saw highlighted the need to show the world how this work can stimulate research programs. Bio Balance Health has supported research showing:

  • (1) Reduced hospitalisations in schizophrenics
  • (2) The positive effects on nutrients in violent and aggressive youth
  • (3) Correlation between biochemistry and schizo-affective disorders.

Developing research is very time-consuming. Bio Balance Health is constantly in discussions around development and funding of research. The research on Pyrrole is not yet published, but all indications it will be a world first.


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