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Dr Richard Stuckey

Methylation and the One Carbon Cycle
“One Doctor’s journey seeking objectivity in Psychiatry”

Is the One Carbon Cycle test a better guide to pathology and targeted treatment plans?

Brett Lambert, Applied Analytical Laboratories

The Science of Pyrroles in Urine

How one non-invasive test can give differential diagnosis for physiological changes presenting as mental health, and also demonstrate treatment response.

Urine-Pyrrole-Test-Apan Labs

Dr Lily Tomas and Pharmacist Chris Testa

B6: The Controversies

B6 is an important co-factor in many reactions which secure good mental health. Understanding the many ways it acts improves patient management plans and reduces B6 overuse risks.

Urine-Pyrrole-Test-Apan Labs

Dr Joanne Voisey

Epigenetics Research & Mental Health

What is the relationship between epigenetics, relevant pathology, and nutraceuticals in Mental Health?
Dr Joanne Voisey explains the QUT Research project into the verification of the clinical value of using objective measures to guide treatment.

Urine-Pyrrole-Test-Apan Labs

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