Practitioner Testimonials

Doctor’s comments on RACGP Evaluation Form 2013

 “Truly, the most brilliant, practical, positive, well presented learning experience in mental health I have ever attended in over 30 years of general practice – this should be introduced in undergraduate medicine and at every subsequent level of training.”

“ Very positive and applying this knowledge has so much potential I think.”

“Would be great for GP Registrars/ Psychiatry trainees, other GPs to be exposed to this”

“Best Course EVER. Best taught biochemistry this should be Undergraduate teaching”

“Extremely relevant topic and style of teaching with the opportunity to sit in on consultation reviews invaluable”

“My expectations were high and they were most definitely exceeded”

“A life changing course – one of the best things I’ve ever done – thanks!’

“This has been the best conference I have gone to!! I am very grateful for this experience”

“Especially enjoyed the teaching – extremely valuable & clinically relevant.  Thank you for an excellent teaching clinic!”

“Thank you, thank you”

Class of 2013

The 2014 Outreach Training attracted 64 Doctors.  Here are some of the comments from doctors who attended.

Fantastic and so Relevant

Was absolutely amazing. Beyond my expectation. So much information and all relevant to almost every patient I see in general practice

Exceeds expectations

Most fundamentally practice-changing incredible new paradigm I've had in my medical career

It is a lot to take in. It is very intense but fascinating learning

This is the best training I have ever done - sound teaching based on solid scientific and clinical data bases. Mentor style, Master class learning to supplement lecture style. Clear protocols to be followed based on general medical knowledge and understanding of the patient

I think it was a fantastic activity. I can't think of how it could be improved

Interactive learning and cases are excellent

Covered the field very well. A good balance of theory and practical.

Doctors Comments on 2014 Outreach Training Program

"I first met Dr. Walsh in the fall of 2014, at his second physician training course here in the US.  At the time, I was uncertain how useful nutrients would be in my psychiatric practice.  What I learned seemed too good to be true.  Upon returning home, I gradually began evaluating and treating specific nutrient imbalances in adults and children with depression, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and so on. To my repeated surprise, most patients - children and adults alike improved… significantly - some dramatically, including those whose symptoms had failed to respond to other treatments."  

Courtney Synder, MD

Thank you, Dr. Walsh, for sharing your years of work illuminating the chemical abnormalities and subsequent effective nutrient therapies for those suffering form mood, learning, and mental disorders.  I now have an entire new toolbox from which I can further help my patients

Kenneth Cartaxo, MD, Morristown, NJ

"I attended one of Dr. Walsh’s physician trainings in Chicago on Advanced Nutrient Therapy to treat psychiatric conditions.  When I returned to Boston, I ordered simple laboratory studies testing blood and urine for biochemical imbalances on all of my patients.  With results in hand, I then created individualized nutrient protocols of nutrients, primarily vitamins and minerals, along with amino and fatty acids for them.  Some of my patients have been able to come off of medications entirely and others have been able to decrease their dosages, which reduces side effects.  Some people feel better than they have ever felt in their lives!"  

Excerpt from The Walsh Approach by Judy Tsafrir, MD, Newton,

Good News!! After 67 years of severe anxiety, stress-intolerance, and much, much more; today I have finished slowly and carefully tapering TOTALLY off a rather large daily dose of SSRIs and Benzos that I have been on for years.

Freedom!! Energy!! Resilience!! Groundedness!! are the rewards for going on the Walsh Protocol, and I was a tough case, believe me.

Thanks to my PD friends for your help and support. I wish you all the same luck as I have had so far.

This also ends a multi-generational pattern of insanity, alcoholism, suicide, depression, violence, stillborns/miscarriages, epilepsy, and God knows what else. My adult children are up to speed on the ravages of PD and are well aware of how to prevent it. They will pass this on to their own kids, and the extended family, and the knowledge will spread from there”

*PD = Pyrolle Disorder


I have been practicing Nutritional & Environmental Medicine since 1985. This pathway has brought much excitement and passion to my practice of medicine. The opportunity to attend both the 2007 and 2008 Walsh-Pfeiffer Outreach in Sydney due to the enthusiasm of Marion Redstone has given me an even greater passion: i.e. to work with the children affected by Autism, ASD, ADHD etc. The enormous privilege to work alongside the amazing, courageous and intelligent parents carers of these precious and severely hurting children often overwhelms me with emotion. These children are so intelligent and yet so afflicted by distress and pain. Suggesting therapies and dietary changes in these young patients is very demanding, often even scary, but so rewarding in the majority of occasions. My desire to see these special children blossom and reach close to their full potential, grows every time I witness quantum leaps in their progress.

The credit for these therapies rest with Dr Carl Pfeiffer, Dr Bill Walsh, Dr Lewis, Dr Woody McGinnis, Dr Mary Megson and the dedicated staff at the Pfeiffer Treatment Centre USA. The excellent and detailed teaching of these doctors along with their vast experiential wisdom is invaluable. The training program is enjoyable yet intensive. The great thrill for me is seeing first-hand the incredible changes in these patients from year to year.

I wholeheartedly encourage any doctors interested in learning and applying fundamental biochemical principles and therapies to help in a more constructive way those afflicted with mental health problems, to register for the next Walsh Research Institute Sydney Outreach.

Likewise, any parents of children with ASD etc should seriously consider booking in for an hour consultation during the Sydney Outreach. You will not regret the investment in your child’s future wellbeing.

Dr Frank Golik

I first attended Pfeiffer Training in 2007. Since then my clinical understanding and success with therapy in mood/mental/methylated/mineral disorders has astonishingly accelerated. You get to meet real clinicians treating real "live time" cases as if you were consulting and making decisions. The benefits are that you obtain experience and exposure to a wealth of knowledge in leaders in the field of Nutritional Medicine. It is much better than reading a text or listening to conferences or seminars.

I personally recommend this course to any doctor who is genuinely interested in Nutritional Medicine.

It changed my perspective to therapy and I had the pleasure of meeting like minded Doctors with years of experience.

Dr. David JAA

“Need for accurate biochemistry for accurate clinical symptoms”

“I really learnt everything. I wish Bill Walsh taught people at the beginning of our training – absolute style and meticulous method”

“Mineral imbalances management and Methylation Biochemistry”

“Biomedical treatment – amazed how effective it is”

“That autism can be treated successfully by biochemical rebalancing with no side effect that potentially gives life back to many troubled children”

“More confidence in treating mental disorders”

“Importance of doing a comprehensive biochemical assessment”

“Use of bethanocol and TMG/DMG to help improve language in autism”

“Prevalence of these biochemical disorders – importance – very common in population”

“Improved confidence in assessing/treating children’s behavioural and learning problems”

“Methodical, informative and repeated direct patient interaction brilliant for learning key approaches”

Comments from Class of 2009 Doctors

I am a family doctor in Dublin. I have an interest in nutrition in mental health since 1999 and came across Pfeiffer that way and bought several of the CDs. In 2006 I went to Sydney to attend their course for doctors and have used that knowledge extensively since.There is little interest among doctors here but word of mouth and patients recovering have spread knowledge of my work to many parts of Ireland.

International Practitioner from Ireland