The field of Psychiatry uses symptoms to cluster patients into similar disorders as their main diagnostic tool, but it does not use guidelines for treatment. (DSM-5)

BBH trains doctors to use conventional pathology tests to measure biomarkers associated with mental health, in combination with point of care diagnostics. These skills in measuring physiological changes add to the standard medical training for mental health. Determination of the one carbon cycle status can aid the practitioner in selecting the correct class of psychotropic agent for interventions and use of targeted nutrients can also assist in the efficacy of the appropriate psychotropic drug.

Pharmacists and Doctors are equally responsible for ensuring the compounding process meets required standards. It’s essential for compounders to understand the physiology the BBH doctors are managing, and the Pharmacists’s role in providing quality components for individual patient prescriptions.

The Bio Balance Health Nutrients & Compounding Online Program for Pharmacists is a valuable resource for Compounding Pharmacists to meet their shared patient responsibility with Bio Balance Health trained doctors prescribing quality precision individualised nutrient therapy.

As this program is only available to medical doctors, eligibility is manually verified. Once you have completed your registration, please allow 24 hours for your registration to be verified and your online learning account to be set up.  Bio Balance Health uses platform to deliver the pre-recorded online lectures.  For further information contact:

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