Patient Testimonials

We saw Dr Mary Megson at the Sydney conference twice. She is brilliant! We went through all the test results together and she suggested where we should change Elleigh’s diet or what supplements to increase or change. There were also other Doctors in our meeting and they all discussed together what they could do to get the best outcome for Elleigh. Elleigh is improving more and more!The best thing we did for her was start the biomedical journey and meet these wonderful Doctors. I would have loved to have gone again this year but can’t. We got a lot out of it. I am sure you will too.

Leanne - Mum to Elleigh, 6 yrs ASD

I have taken my son twice to the outreach. First to see Dr Neubrander and last year to see Dr Megson. Our son would definitely not be where he is today without the added assistance of these two doctors and their protocols on top of our local biomed doctor. It has been intense sometimes following their methods and expensive and also yes the whole biomed journey is one of forwards then backwards in terms of progress, but we will never look back. We add a little bit more each time to his recovery and our son, who we weretold at age 2 may never regain his speech and would have to go to a specialschool when the time came, has successfully started mainstream kindy this year at the age of 5 with no mention of his previous history and is doing well. Actually, we did not feel confident that this could even happen until as late as just a few months before school started. We are not fully there yet in terms of a medical recovery but his life is moving on in a way we could never have imagined.

Mrs. K.P of Sydney.

We have done numerous Outreaches and seen Bill Walsh, James Neubrander, Albert Mensah and Mary Megson over the years. Was it worth it - you bet!!Did the kids progress further than they would have - YES!!!

My son understands why he needs to take his supps and what will happen if hedoesn't because Bill explained it to him - man to man. Not just Mum or a Drexplaining but -- ' The Man ' who discovered it all [as my son calls him]. Afterthis his compliance was fantastic, before, all he wanted was for the supps tostop. Bill also recognised the need for my son to be on much higher doses togain optimal health.

Mary has been fantastic for both my kids. The Bethanechol alone was lifechanging for my 2. Then last year her testing found a bug in my daughters gut[forget the name as it was a yard long but it ended in Latin for lots of slimymucus]. Mary suggested a modified Biofilm protocol that wiped said bug out but was gentle enough for my daughter to tolerate. She is what Mary called an eggshell kid - sitting on a very narrow wall ready to fall off and break withthe slightest push. The removal of this bug was a real step forward for her gut health.

These are just a couple of examples of how they helped. Each year we have endedup with a pearl of wisdom which has helped my 2 progress.These American Practitioners sit on the DAN Think Tanks and hear updates of thelatest research 18 mths to 2 years before it is published, so, our kids [and theDrs updating their skills] are ahead of the pack in selecting treatment options. This as well as a 'fresh set of eyes' all helps our kids progress.

Do remember that [I know you will get sick of hearing this but] it takes timefor our kids to heal and this means that we are all in it for the long hall. There will be times of stalled progress and even regression but in my opinion there is no better option for our kids health. Good luck at the Outreach.

Susan - Mum to two

My son was first diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2001.  For several years he took the regular medication prescribed for Schizophrenia with varying degrees of success but never being "quite" right.

One day in early 2006, I was speaking to a friend about my concerns about my son and she told me about the wonderful work that the Bio-Balance Health Associatin is involved in.

She gave me a contact number and I contacted Margaret who was most helpful.  Margaret then gave me contact numbers for Marion Redstone in Sydney.  Marion was fantastic with her support and knowledge and as a result I organised to take my son down to Sydney to see Dr. William Walsh.

Dr. Walsh started my son on the Nutrient Therapy pioneered by the late Dr. Carl Pfeiffer in conjunction the research he himself has done.  My son was very compliant with his nutritional therapy, at the same time taking his regular medication for schizophrenia. We started to see small gradual improvements in his thinking and reasoning and under his doctor's supervision, he gradually decreased his medication.

Today, two and half years after starting the nutritional therapy,  he is so well that he is working regular hours at a job which involves quite a lot responsibility.   He is more outgoing and socially involved, thinks very clearly and logically, and I can see a friendlier, happier son again.  He is now down to minimal doses of his schizophrenia medication and is hoping he will eventually be able to stop it altogether.  he realizes he will need to stay on his nutritional therapy.

He now sees Dr. Stuckey once a year with tests in between as Dr. Stuckey deems necessary to check his nutritional status.

I cannot recommend Dr. Walsh, Dr. Stuckey and their teams and the Bio-Balance organisation highly enough. I thank God that I was introduced to this special organisation that has given me back the son I love so much.

Mrs. G. - Pharmacist and Caring Mother

I have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was five years old.  We tried many methods to improve his condition including specific physical exercises and gymnastics work, special diets free of salicylates, occupational therapy, acupuncture but nothing seemed to improve his condition dramatically.  I was determined that we not resort to Ritalin but his school life was quite difficult for him.  He found focussing in class very difficult and socialising with the other children also difficult. (or should I say understanding what was acceptable behaviour). 

In 2006 I went to a lecture in the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane by Dr Walsh in which he discussed his use of vitamins minerals etc to correct biochemical imbalances which lead to behavioural problems.  I was intrigued when he spoke about the level of zinc in a prison population in the USA.   We made an appointment with Dr Stuckey in Coolangatta and commenced the analysis of James' blood and hair for his levels of minerals.   The results came back that he was in the lowest 3 percentile in zinc and magnesium.  Since then, we've been taking a zinc supplement which is imported from the USA (one tablet per day) under Dr Stuckey's guidance and review.  I have to say that the change in James is quite dramatic.  He has become a different boy.   Everyone comments on his change to me.  While he'll never be an A+ student in every subject, he is coping very well and is focussed.  His time management has improved and he is much better organised.   In terms of sport he is now very focussed and disciplined.   Socially, he now has a large number of friends so he has certainly changed.  I would like to express my deep gratitude for how Dr Walsh's research has effected one boy's life.  

Sue Stephens

My husband and I wanted to personally thank you in writing for helping in the recovery of our son.  It brings a tear to my eye when I think about the gains our son has made in such a short time.  Jordan wasn’t overly aware of his environment prior to this treatment and a few short months from beginning the supplements and diet he has made progress like never before.

When you see a child get tears in his eyes from a love song, you realise that they are recovering, especially when it is something they have never done before, its amazing – he is now starting to understand emotions and those of others around him.

Its like we have a new child especially when he is discovering his toys for the first time and playing with them using his imagination.

After 5 months, these improvements we have noted and it is impossible that this is purely coincidence.

• Perfect eye contact
• No longer grunts or mouths object
• Co-ordination improved 100%
• Imagination and communication 70% improvement
• Social skills 50% improvement
• No longer has bad breath
• Benefits more from additional therapies
• Emotionally reciprocal ( was not prior to treatment )

This therapy has given us hope and we have seen first hand that our child is on the road to recovery.  Thank you Dr. Stuckey we are so pleased you do what you do.  Keep up the tireless work.  We look forward to Jordan recovering even more.

Mother and Father

For more than twenty-five years I suffered from anxiety, catastrophic panic attacks depression and mood swings.
I seemed caught in a ghastly 5 year cycle where I would work hard, feeling that at last I had beaten my demons, only to have them resurface with a vengeance after a prolonged period of stress.  Down I would go like a pack of cards, unable to work or tolerate the stress of social interaction for periods of up to 15 months to two years.

My whole life had become this stop-start-stop-start circus that eroded my confidence and self-respect.  At one point I contemplated suicide because I couldn’t see any future.  Through all of this I tried to maintain a façade of normality because I felt so ashamed of myself for being such a ‘failure.’  I knew something was badly wrong. I just kept knocking on the doors of psychological and medical professionals, to find answers.  My journey took me through psychotherapy, counseling, hypnosis, meditation, medication, massage and various alternative therapies.

Then one day about 10 years ago, after neurological assessment by a Clinical Psychologist, I was diagnosed with the dreamy, intentional version of ADD.  I began a program of extensive neurotherapy and treatment with stimulant medication.   After about 18 months I woke up one morning and realised I couldn’t remember the last time I had a panic attack.  The nightmare was starting to recede, but the queasy floating anxiety, the organisational problems and the chronic fatigue still troubled me.

In March 2007 a psychologist friend suggested I might benefit from seeing a Doctor who had been training in nutritional medicine with Dr William Walsh.   After undergoing thorough assessment I started on a regime tailored specially to my metabolic needs.  I underwent further fine-tuning of my program in April 2008 after an appointment with Dr Walsh in Sydney.  Dr Walsh told me that my prognosis was very good and that it could take up twelve months to normalise my metabolism. I am delighted to report that the floating anxiety has calmed right down.  Instead of prowling around looking for something to attach itself to my anxiety pops its head up in a more normal response to a specific stress.  I am feeling more grounded and stressful situations no longer unhinge me the way they used to.  My Monkey-Mind thought processes also seem to be less chaotic so I can think straight.

Best of all – over a period of months and under supervision of my psychiatrist, I have been able to decrease my dosage of Dexamphetamine from 20 mg daily to 5 mg per day, with the aim of eventually ceasing the medication altogether!  I still suffer from fatigue and sleep disturbance but we’re working on that ! The next step is to build up my depleted adrenal system.

Far from seeing no future for myself, I am now contemplating setting up my own counseling and hypnosis practice (having completed diplomas in both).  I am looking forward to helping other people who have suffered similar difficulties.   Life is looking good!

C. Victoria

I am a 49 yo female and a patient of Dr Yuwen Lee. Nine months ago she diagnosed me with pyrrole disorder and undermethylation. For 15 yrs my life was miserable  Stress and exhaustion were my main complaints but this programme has remedied all my other health issues that I did not have the energy to worry about; high blood sugars,RSI,numerous allergies, low body temperature, low blood pressure chronic sinusitus,digestive problems and inability to concentrate. I had lost the will to live. This testimonial is to express my deepest gratitude to Dr Lee, Dr Bill Walsh and everyone at Biobalance.Thank you for giving me a life again. I would  recommend Pfeiffer testing to anyone looking to truly cure any of the conditions I mentioned.



First thank you for the outreach and God bless you and your team for the dedication to recover our kids.
Mrs J.T - Peakhurst, NSW

It was lovely to meet you at the clinic and many thanks for organizing our second order for the B12.We have updated Brodie's details and our order has changed to daily as we noticed Brodie has a much better day when he has an injection.

We will be following Dr. Neubrander's treatment protocol and feel very excited to be trying something new. Thank you again on behalf of the Sandell family.
Mrs L.S - Westlakes, SA
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing Dr Neubrander here. We thought he and Dr. Frank Golik did an amazing consultation. Dr. N even played with Rainer and was really taken a-back with his positive response to him. Being new to the Outreach, we didn't know what to expect from a consultation but we found the team work shown by Dr. N and Dr. Golik to be completely professional, comprehensive and committed to the recovery of Rainer. They were focused on Rainer, the rest of us were merely observers – but in a good way. I wanted you to know that a lot of parents probably feel the same way and will find time to let you know. Many love you and the work you are doing for all our kids.
Mrs G.S - The Gap, QLD

Just want to say thank you so much for encouraging us to go to Outreach. I believe that it's one of the best steps towards healing we've taken so far. Both Dr Megson and Dr Walsh were fantastic with loads of input and suggestions for us both.  We would not have done it without your wonderful support, explanations and follow up. Can't  thank you enough.
Mrs. H.N - Bardwell Valley, NSW
We were very happy to meet you and we would like to express our appreciation for organizing such an important and wonderful event for all of us. We were overwhelmed by all the events at the Outreach. We are pleased to give you good news about the outcome of our appointment with Dr Mary Megson. We liked Dr Mary Megson and looked forward to hear her opinion on E's case. We also welcomed the presence of the other Aussie doctors. We were impressed by their dedication, understanding and strong feelings towards our circumstances and unfortunate events that E had to go through and their valuable contribution towards E's treatment protocol. It was very kind of Dr Dyson to understand and consider our circumstances and help us to attend the Outreach this year. She worked with me closely to make sure we present all the necessary details. We are in the process of starting the treatment planned by Dr Mary Megson and give all of you positive feedback. We would have to start slowly as E tends to react to all supps. The highlights and melting moment of our appointment, it was for me, when Dr Mary Megson kindly made few heart felt comments about E and the unfortunate events that affected her health and when she looked at me and confidently told me, that E will get better. We are aiming for a full recovery but it was an unexpected and wonderful promise that reduced me to tears as it felt very special. Overall, the Outreach is a wonderful event, a refreshing and new hope, a step forward in helping our children to recover. We are happy in our hearts and we feel that we did the right thing and having help from genuine people. We cannot speak highly enough about all of you and for your tireless and unconditional help and support for us all the way. Thank you  for everything, all the best from us always.
Mrs. M.B - High Wycombe, WA
Just a short note to thank you for all your help and kindness whilst I was in Sydney. I didn't feel like I got a chance to let Dr Bill Walsh know how much I appreciated his time and expert advice on the many problems! that I present with, which usually guarantee's  me the "too hard basket". I would very much appreciate it if you would please let him know (just when you are talking next) that I have great faith and belief in the work he is doing and will try with all my heart and soul to make the most of this opportunity that I have been given.
Thanking you once again,
Yours Sincerely
Ms. S.M - Elphinstone, VIC
I have not posted yet about our visit and conference but I thought it was marvellous. Made more sense to me this year than any other. I thought Dr N did not say anything very new but it was wonderful to hear so many of our thoughts confirmed with his amazing base of experience. He was wonderful, passionate and so empathetic and caring of the parents. That really impresses me. I am actually impressed that we are not hearing much new as it means that our doctors are really world class and on the ball. The presentations on the Saturday were fantastic and I am not being biased and over the top. I hope they all continue to come out every year.
Mrs. L.A - Wentworthville, NSW
It was so great to finally meet you last week - I really enjoyed talking time to you.  Your words of encouragement about B  were lovely to hear and we will definitely be continuing on with the MB12 protocol - any little gain is so valuable.
Would just like to also relay our heart felt appreciation for all of your tireless work and effort leading up to and of course including the Sydney Outreach week - (yes, I saw you leaving one evening at 8.30pm and that was probably a short working day for you).  Hope you are now having a well deserved rest and trying to take it easy.The Conference should be great to view once on DVD - we are very interested to see what was discussed.
Best wishes,
Mrs. P.T - Nairne, SA 
Thanks for a great outreach!! It was definitely good value and a wonderful opportunity for our families. You did a great job. I want to express my interest in attending the next one in 2010. We like seeing Dr Megson.
With sincere thanks and kind regards,
Mrs. W.K-Blackburn, VIC

2009 Outreach Patients

Our visit to WRI seems to have turned our family's life around.  For so many years, we were afraid that our beautiful and smart boy would end up behind bars!  Now his future is back in his own hands.  We are very grateful to WRI and to William's doctor here in Sydney, and we would recommend it to any family who has a child with behaviour problems.

Will was himself very relieved to have a diagnosis that did not involve counsellors or psychologists, and has been diligent and co-operative in taking his supplements as prescribed.  Gradually he has become less anxious.  He has not had a major incident at school since he started treatment.  He is getting on better with his classmates and controlling his temper.  His period of conditional enrolment is over and he is a much happier boy.  His Year Master has told us he can hardly believe the change in Will, and that the diagnosis and treatment must have been “spot on”.

We saw Dr Walsh and the team from WRI in April 2009.  Will had undergone blood, urine and hair analysis tests, which showed a number of chemical abnormalities.  Dr Walsh prescribed a program of supplements designed to correct these imbalances, and made some recommendations to help reduce his exposure to lead.

Will was not a nasty child, but was often in trouble, and at risk of being thought a bully, mostly because of his poor impulse control.  By the time he saw the doctor who introduced him to WRI, he had been allowed back to school after a short suspension, but was on “conditional enrolment”.  It was his last chance.  His school has been great and very understanding, but if he cannot obey the “hands off” rule, he would be out. 

Despite being very intelligent, William had difficulties at school almost from the start, and he has taken part in a variety of programs attempting to improve his behaviour.  Punishments, counselling and anger management courses produced no long term improvement.  He has been assessed for autism spectrum disorders (particularly Aspergers) but despite having a number of similar problems, could not be diagnosed as having a specific developmental disorder.
William was a beautiful and happy baby, but began to develop behaviour problems from about the age of three.  His interaction with his peers was poor, he lost his temper easily and he was prone to anxiety.

We would like to express our thanks to the Walsh Research Institute for the great progress our son has made since taking part in the 2009 WRI Outreach.

13 November 2009

Outreach Patient

I am delighted to pen you my absolute appreciation of, and faith in 'Pfeiffer'

Thankyou very much Dr. Carl Pfeiffer (posthumously), Dr. Bill Walsh, Marion Redstone (vale), Marnie Lo, everyone involved with Bio-Balance, and to the various Pfeiffer-trained GP's who took my condition and concerns seriously, to put me on the road to "Better".
At 48 years of age, in 2006, I was feeling seriously debilitated by severe depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, giant mood swings, excessive self-criticism, low self-esteem, apathy, inexplicable fatigue, social withdrawal, incoherency, big "gaps" in my mind (when it  wasn’t  racing at a million miles an our)......In short, I was "in a seriously negative place". No one was aware of the breadth of my condition, because it is common for depressed and ailing folk to hide it till a pressure valve explodes.
So many conventional doctors lightly placated me with; '...have a Bex and a nice lie down...' attitude, and maybe talk to a 'professional'....... None of that was working. What HAS worked for me, brilliantly, was the Pfeiffer Protocols. Pfeiffer-trained doctors listened, checked my bloods, and found all suspicions confirmed in the pathology results, ie; negligible traces of B12 and lithium, very low zinc, and extraordinarily high levels of copper. I was also diagnosed with pyrrole disorder, had symptoms of both under and over-methylation, and suffering severe metal-metabolism wonder I was having suicidal thoughts!
It all made perfect sense. Having long been obsessive about nutrition, it seems my body has always had an inability to process and excrete copper adequately, added to the fact that I had taken light estrogen contraceptive pills for 30 years (riling debilitating menstrual cramps), I shudder to think how I would've fared on the average McDonalds-laced, nutritionally compromised, common diet.
Sadly, many of us do not fare well. The saddest fact of all, is many more of us could be benefiting hugely from this arm of medicine, if it was accepted and supported more widely by the medical industry and governments. I would dearly love to see all medical students studying such bio-chemical and nutritive health science in their basic medical curriculum, to be at least aware of its' benefits, to either further their own expertise, or refer patients to other specialists in this field.
The burden on the health system would diminish significantly, the burden to individuals and the people who care for them

I  LOVE  being where I am now !
MS. Bega - NSW

Bega NSW patient

Our son is now 9 and finishing 3rd grade in mainstream school. When we started on this journey he was 3.8yrs with the language and function of 6mths old baby, he was in a nappy, with very aggressive behaviours, that he had damaged ceilings, chandeliers, broken windows, smashed kitchens doors, made holes in the fridge door, had all the sensory issues, couldn't bath him , couldn't give him hair cuts, hated the touch of sand, didn't like the swings or any outdoor activities, only screamed, didn't recognize any of us, used to lie down on objects with not being aware of it, would hit and bleed and didn't even know, he didn't even know if he was hungry ,thirsty, cold or hot.

With intensive bio-medical treatment, diet, treatment by Walsh Research Institute doctors, chelation, DAN protocols, o/t, cranial therapy naturopaths, ABA (40 hrs a week),neurofeedback, fast forward(currently) he is a recovered child that enjoys his family, tells me that he loves me every day" Mummy ,I love you" plays tennis ,does swimming, argues with his brother. I used to feel sorry for my older son as many of the siblings are robbed of the growing up brotherly love/hate matches at home, and I have to admit sometimes I let them go for longer as I enjoy their confrontation. Whilst before I couldn't take him anywhere, now it's a pleasure to have him with us and we go on holidays, out for dinner, we talk about all the normal stuff and when you explain to him he is actually now able to think and ask questions that really surprise you. The theory of mind that ABA really talks about we have seen it happening this year. He has lost the robotic language, all the hand movements, and he is actually thinking on his own not what we have taught him over the years.

 Academically he came Top 10% in spelling on the NAPLAN test, Australia wide, and on Friday just bought home his math assessment results in fraction and decimals and got 18/20. His teacher was so surprised that he was able to answer very complex questions and re-tested him again and was so surprised that he did it in his head with no hands or any visuals. When she came out of the classroom she said "He did so well in maths something freaky is happening!!!!!"

Well done my angel!!!! At school I don't go up to take him he is so independent he packs his bag at home appropriately, with no prompting, dresses on his own, gets ready for his swimming on time....He goes on school excursions, swimming programs on his own.

His favorite topic is medicine and we can talk about the human body for ages, he even knows the Latin words of the organs. Only last night due to the severe thunderstorms we switched all the TV's off and he asked his brother to play "hang men"....He is a so NT...I could sit on my keyboard and write for ages regarding his success and YES,  I've been his fortress during this journey but God Bless all the practitioners for their passion and belief in our kids.


Just thought I would share how useful this opportunity has been for my 2 kids in the past.[and yes we will be there again this year] My two were 'older' when we discovered biomedicals.

We got an Aussie biomed doctor and both the kids were making gains, but very slow.

For our first year we saw Bill Walsh [a fab 'gentle' man in the true sense of the word]---We all gained a lot of insight into the biomedical challenges of the older child. The main take home point was that we were doing all the right things, just not in big enough doses to allow for growth AND the production of neurotransmitters. I also got a whole lot more co-operation from my son, as Bill explained to him how important it was to take his supplements and how we needed his help to make
him feel better. Also this was for the long term -- he would need to take huge doses until he finishes growing, which will be his mid 20's at least for boys, as they bulk up after they have finished shooting up.

This was so successful that we took both kids the next year.

This time we saw Mary Megson. A fab lady with a gentle humour and sooo much insight into the needs of both my kids. We were now up to tweeking the protocols. Take home this time was oxylates -- it had not even occurred to us to test for oxylates and my kids were basically medium to low oxylate diet any way. They were both found to be high on the testing. Goes to show that a fresh set of eyes can help.
She also gave us the Bethanicol protocol --- my kids have auditory and visual processing delay and this has been a spectacular success for them both!!! The last thing we got from Mary was lithium cream as a tiny dose -- just as a nutritional supplement, because both my kids had very very low lithium on all their hair tests. Again both the
kids are in a much better place from this addition to their protocol.

When I look at my budget-- the money spent on treating my kids-- the Outreaches have given huge value for us. I really believe that my kids would not be where they are today [well on the way to 'recovery' and closer each day to achieving their potential] without our annual review at the Outreach.

This is the only thing in my budget that has reduced in price!!!

Sorry this was so long but I hope it helps someone in their decision whether to attend an Outreach or not.

Susan - Mum to two toxic kids