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Building on earlier research and treatment experience of Dr Carl Pfeiffer at the Princeton Brain Bio-Center, Dr William Walsh founded Health Research Institute in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1982 and set up the associated non-profit outpatient treatment clinic, Pfeiffer Treatment Center (now closed), in 1989. Dr Walsh established the Walsh Research Institute in 2008 after leaving HRI-PTC to further his research work and train doctors.

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The treatment involves assessment of each patient's body chemistry imbalances using a range of laboratory tests of blood, urine and hair samples, along with physical examination, medical and life history data. Individualised complementary nutritional supplement programs aimed at balancing the patient's body chemistry are prescribed on the basis of these assessments.

Follow-up studies of representative patient samples have indicated a high level of effectiveness for the treatment, finding that recovery or significant improvement was achieved in a high proportion of cases, often enabling conventional drug dosages to be significantly reduced and, in some cases, phased out in consultation with the patient's doctor. Many thousands of patients have been successfully treated using this approach.

If you would like to make an appointment at the Patient Assessment Program with one of the world leading doctors as part of the Medical Doctor Training Program, please contact us or phone Marnie on (02) 9798 9857. Alternative you may wish to find a doctor in your area.

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The Process

  • It will be necessary for you to provide a complete patient history including all symptoms experienced and to have blood tests, urine tests and a sample of hair taken for testing. There are about 100 different test results produced from these samples.
  • Your selected Doctor will order the required tests.
  • Your first appointment will require about one hour and your Doctor will explain the procedure to you.
  • At the follow up appointment your test results will be available and your Doctor will be able to advise you of the outcome, and in most cases will give you a program of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to follow. This program will be reviewed periodically.
  • It is most important that your maintain your medication while on a nutrient program. It is also most important that you are regularly compliant with your nutrient program.

Contact your Doctor if you have any queries on the results you are experiencing.