Dr Richard Stuckey’s

Methylation and the One Carbon Cycle
“One Doctor’s journey seeking objectivity in Psychiatry”

Is the One Carbon Cycle test a better guide to pathology and targeted treatment plans?

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ABSTRACT: The one carbon cycle is a crucial biochemical cascade intimately intertwined with methylation, trans sulphuration and folate metabolism. Dysregulation of this pathway is associated with a number of disorders such as cardiovascular disease but also poor mental health. Essential metabolites of the one carbon cycle include serine, choline, betaine, threonine, glutamate, and methionine.

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) enzyme is essential in the folate cycle where it converts dietary folate to the active form, L-methylfolate. Reduced enzyme activity leads to the accumulation of homocysteine and decreased synthesis of neurotransmitters. Genetic variants have been identified in the encoded MTHFR gene that are associated with reduced enzyme activity. However, these genetic variants are very common and occur in nearly half the Caucasian population and therefore can’t be used to predict disease.

Measurement of individual components of the one carbon cycle may give more indication of optimal function of the one carbon cycle and which supplements would benefit patients.

This lecture first outlines how important the one carbon cycle is for critical processes such as methylation. Secondly, it will demonstrate that the one carbon cycle can be altered to improve patient outcomes.

From the author’s own clinic, with sequential testing, following targeted supplementation, it can be demonstrated that the poorly functioning steps have improved and that this correlates with a positive clinical response.

If we can alter the one carbon cycle, we can thus alter methylation.

Is that a good idea?

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