Find a Doctor who has completed
Bio Balance Health Training Program

Bio Balance Health is a training organisation, and not a Medical Practice. After doctors complete the Bio Balance Health training program, they return to their private practice to implement the skills taught.

The search function below assists in locating medical practitioners who have completed the Bio Balance Health training and provide this type of biochemical/nutrient therapy.

Patients are required to contact the doctor’s practice directly and request a Bio Balance Health consultation. No endorsements or recommendations are intended. This listing is for informational purposes only. It is up to the reader to determine appropriate professional care.

Also see Psychologists who work with doctors who have completed Bio Balance Health training.
(Note: This listing is provided for information purposes only and managed independently of Bio Balance Health.)

How to use our Bio Balance map

1. Add your current location or allow our map to detect your location.
2. Click on category then choose Doctors to view all the Doctors near you.
3. Click on the Doctor’s name in the search results to access their website details where available.
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