Obsessive Compulsive

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by repetitive, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and irrational, excessive urges to do certain actions (compulsions). Although people with OCD may know that their thoughts and behaviours don’t make logical sense, they’re often unable to stop them.
There are four types of OCD: contamination, perfection, doubt/harm and forbidden thoughts.
Testing of a patient’s biochemistry and biomarkers of oxidative stress can measure imbalances which nutrients may be able to assist in conjunction with conventional treatment options.
BBH doctors have reported positive recovery stories of their OCD patients.
Bio Balance Health supported research has demonstrated the combination of symptoms list, and the testing of certain biomarkers and biochemistry can improve the understanding of biochemical changes which aggravate the OCC state.
Research to verify the usefulness of testing to provide measures which may point to underlying chemistry which can be repaired, and which can indicate if the treatment is helping, is a core activity of Bio Balance Health.
This research also shows there are differences in the chemistry of mental health sufferers.
It is essential doctors understand these differences as incorrect use of medication and/or nutrients may increase the patient’s symptoms.

We train doctors to use these skills.

We have trained many doctors to use these skills and their results populate our training and our research. Their results also inspire the team at Bio Balance Health to drive research and training, as doctors who use our training are heavily booked.

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