Symptoms of mental health can often be related to biochemical imbalances. BBH trained doctors use specific pathology testing not commonly used by other doctors, including blood and urine tests, to help identify biochemical imbalances. The results are used with a patient’s symptoms, to individualise a treatment plan. These tests are repeated to see how well a patient is healing.

The correct nutrients can assist with balancing the biochemistry. Nutrients can help to enhance, and in some cases, may reduce the need for medication.

BBH trained doctors are not just treating the symptoms, they are looking for the underlying contributing causes. BBH trained doctors take a detailed patient history looking for events which may trigger changes in a patient’s health. Addressing underlying biochemical imbalances can help a patient return to optimal health. By understanding there are underlying biochemical issues that may contribute to symptoms, helps to remove the stigma from a mental health diagnosis, and gives hope.

Bio Balance Health is not a medical practice; we train doctors in these skills and the doctors incorporate these skills into their own practice. Many trained doctors have long wait lists because of the positive experiences for their patients.

We teach doctors to:

• observe relationships between test results and mental health symptoms
• repair the biochemistry
• repeat the tests to tell them how well the patient is responding
• add this skill to their current treatments for patients with mental health
• incorporate other services who can help their patient recovery by managing such issues as inflammation, infections, hearing and sight problems, movement problems, and more.

Currently, patients with problems with their mental health undergo detailed questions which allow the practitioner to group their symptoms into groups like Bipolar, OCD, depression, anxiety, Schizophrenia and more. This is the DSM5 categorization process.

The same symptoms, and more, when used by a Bio Balance Health trained doctor are clustered into groups related to their biochemistry. This work was developed in the private clinic of Psychiatrist Dr Carl Pfeiffer and continued after his death, by Chemical Engineer/ Mathematician, William J Walsh PhD. Bill’s skill developed patterns related to the biochemistry and developed the use of the appropriate nutrients, for each individual, in high enough doses to supply the co-factors and co-enzymes needed, to stimulate repair and return to closer normal functioning.

This has resulted in better patient outcomes (Effectiveness of Targeted Nutrient Therapy). An extra benefit has been a more accurate choice of psychiatric medication and an enhancement of its effect.

Bio Balance health has continued this work by supporting research in leading Universities to prove the science.


There are descriptors developed within the Pfeiffer/Walsh Clinic in Chicago to describe a clear difference they observed in the patients attending the clinic. The descriptors are very useful in the clinic setting to describe to patients, in simple terms, the basic reason for their specific biochemistry. They are not, however accurate scientific terms. With modern equipment and technology, research supported by Bio Balance Health, is in process aimed to illuminate the actual science and provide more accurate descriptors.

The core difference to be remembered is that people with different methylation profiles have different biochemistry and relate well to the correct prescriptions and poorly to the incorrect prescriptions.

High levels of Pyrroles in Urine tell you about the severity of oxidative stress.

Over-Methylation (folate responder) issues are not related to Pyrrole measurements.
Management of Under methylation ((S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe)/magnesium responder) may result in a short-term spike in Pyrrole measure during the repair process. Research is still being conducted to understand this spike.
If the biochemistry is not understood, the patient may be prescribed the incorrect treatment plan, or nutrient, which may exacerbate symptoms and complicate recovery.

Patients who understand they have their own specific biochemistry changes which need to be managed in a targeted way, which is right for them, are empowered to work with their practitioner and take co-responsibility for their own recovery.

The above was a very simple explanation to enable basic understanding of the biochemistry.

We ask you only use doctors trained by Bio Balance Health. They will expect you to take the appropriate tests and that you follow through with repeat tests so you can see how well you are responding.

We also ask if you could participate in research projects, if you are asked, as the more quickly we can get research projects completed the more quickly the tests we use can become accepted Medicare rebated.