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Essentials for Personalised Medicine for Health Professionals

Course overview
This course is designed to develop healthcare professionals’ knowledge and skills to apply pharmacogenomics within their clinical practice in Australia.  The course will cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to pharmacogenomics and its role in personalised medicine, including familiarisation with specific terminology used within this field
  • Explore key concepts that will enable understanding and interpretation of pharmacogenomic test results
  • Review target genes which have suitable pharmacogenomic tests available
  • Apply pharmacogenomic knowledge to clinical scenarios and link these to evidence-based guidelines.
  • Recognising the combined impact of drug-gene and drug-drug interactions
  • Introduce resources available to assist health professionals in clinical decision making in pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine
  • Provide links to resources to support the communication of pharmacogenomic information to patients

Short online course 2-3 hours self-direct learning. Designed to fit into your busy work life.

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