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Bio Balance Health has been training doctors in the use of pathology and nutrient therapy for mental health symptoms for twenty years. Concurrently we have been supporting research with Tier 1 Universities and leading scientists, to validate appropriate pathology measures. Diet, lifestyle and counselling, and other currently recognised clinical guidelines are essential for quality care in patients with mental distress. The use of pathology to guide targeted treatment for the individual is an area shown to augment all current care and be an adjuvant to psychotropics.

Bio Balance Health announces Online Training for Health Practitioners

Due to increased patient demand, we have opened our training to eligible* Health Professionals. This aims to enhance the current patient care model, and provide health practitioners with an understanding of the biochemistry and pathology related to treatment of mental health symptoms.  Nutrient therapy is used not necessarily only due to deficiency, but to augment enzymes which are functioning sub optimally.  We encourage health practitioners to work within their scope of practice, in synergy with Bio Balance Health trained doctors, psychiatrists and paediatricians, to ensure patients receive the best possible outcomes

The purpose of this course is to provide health practitioners with knowledge of biochemistry and the management of mental health symptoms. The syllabus has been developed and researched in Australia by Bio Balance Health.

  • Self-paced online learning modules with pre-recorded lectures and case studies.
  • Assessments to reinforce the learning
  • Module 4 includes a livestream mentor session with case studies and Q&A

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*Eligibility:  Includes AHPRA registered Health Practitioners and registered Naturopaths (ATMS, ANTA) (or international equivalent).  Eligibility is manually verified. 

Once you have completed your registration, please allow 24 hours for your registration to be verified and your online learning account to be set up.

Bio Balance Health uses platform to deliver the pre-recorded online lectures. 

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