New Doctor – Online Training Program

An introduction to the biochemistry associated with mental health, and the use of objective measures used in conjunction with clinical evaluation processes to individualise treatment options. Sequential measuring of biochemistry and biomarkers determine treatment response enabling refinement of patient treatment plans.

    • Four self-paced online learning modules (Mental Health Stream)
    • Assessments to proceed to the next module.
    • Modules 1, 2 and 3 self-paced with pre-recorded lectures and patient case histories.
    • Module 4* is a livestream session which includes real patient case presentations and Q&A session. (Date TBC).

Module One – Introduction to Targeted Biochemical Therapy
Module Two – Differentiation of Clinical, Biochemical and Biomarker Presentations
Module Three – Practice Setup and Implementation
Module Four* – Livestream Session: Patient Case Study Presentations (Event Date TBC)
(Total 30 Hours)

What you will learn?

    • Use of biochemical and biomarker measures related to mental health
    • Knowledge of key nutrients and imbalances associated with mental health symptoms
    • Identifying symptom clusters associated with related biochemistry, and measuring the response to treatment
    • Clinical evaluation, selection of testing and use of laboratory reports for effective, individualised and targeted treatment programs for patients.
    • How to effectively implement the program within your practice at completion of the training.

New Doctor Registration Fee: $1850 (inc GST)

CPD Points

Bio Balance Health is a CPD education provider under the RACGP CPD Program. On completion, GPs manually self-record their participation (2 points per hour, up to 30 points per course) as a non-accredited course.

BBH Doctor membership for 12 months is included upon completion of the training program with benefits including 12 months access to the Online BBH Doctor Forum and Practice Listing on the BBH website.

*Note: Module Four is held as a livestream online event.
Due to patient confidentiality this module cannot be recorded for later viewing. Doctors are required to complete the first three Modules prior to participating in Module Four.
As this program is only available to medical doctors, eligibility is manually verified. Once you have completed your registration, please allow 24 hours for your registration to be verified and your online learning account to be set up.  Bio Balance Health uses platform to deliver the pre-recorded online lectures.  For further information contact:

Returning Doctor – Online Training Program

Updated Core Syllabus Online Program:

BBH Doctors who completed their training prior to 2020, are required to complete the Core Online Syllabus for medico legal compliance with the most up-to-date knowledge based on new data and research developments.

• Reinforces the use of objective measures, and up to date terminology
• Medico legal compliance to meet Australian requirements

• Module One – Targeted Biochemical Therapy
• Module Two – Biochemical & Biomarker Presentations
• Module Three – Practice Setup & Medico Legal
• Module Four – Resources
To register and pay online:
Registration Fee: $995 (inc GST)
BBH Alumni Member Registration Fee: $895 (inc. GST)

Returning Doctor Livestream Events

Returning Doctors are encouraged to extend and update their skills by participating in live ZOOM patient presentations, case history discussions and Q&A panels, as well as online lecture content. (Mental Health and ASD Streams).

Extension Education Lectures

CPD Points

Bio Balance Health is a CPD education provider under the RACGP CPD Program. On completion, GPs manually self-record their participation (2 points per hour, up to 30 points per course) as a non-accredited course.

Upcoming Events

You’re invited to an exclusive upcoming face-to-face event:

“Pathology for Mental Health Management”

Seats are limited, so act fast!

Join us as we take our latest lecture on an Australian tour. BBH has been pioneering the way for the use of pathology for mental health symptoms since 2004. We have continued to explore deeper into this critical science, and now we’re ready to share our latest findings and insights,

Our recent discoveries have far surpassed our original teachings, making it a must for you to update your knowledge base.

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • An integrative approach to essential pathology and biochemistry, supported by references and research.
  • The potential harm of poor pathology.
  • The interplay between adrenal bursts, inflammation, oxidative stress, and pathophysiology.
  • Peer-reviewed research confirming the clinical value of this approach for mental health symptoms.
  • Correct testing protocol and interpretation for various health indicators.
    How pathology informs nutrient selection.
  • The clinical integration of testing into your practice.

Moreover, we’ll delve into thought-provoking questions: Can improved pathology minimise suicides, PTSD, and epigenetic changes? Can targeted treatments reverse epigenetics? Can this pathology provide other insights? Your input will be invaluable as we explore these topics. 

Event Details


Saturday – 4 November 2023


1:30pm – 4:30pm (Adelaide Time)

Adelaide Convention Centre – Riverbank Room 5
North Terrace, Adelaide SA


Saturday – 18 November 2023


9:00am – 12:00pm (Perth Time)

University Club of WA – Seminar Room 4
Hackett Entrance #1, Hackett Drive, Crawley WA

Registration Details

Fee: $275- (inc GST)

All Medical Doctors, Health practitioners and Pharmacists are welcome to attend this event. (So tell your friends and colleagues).

CPD: 3 Hours. Bio Balance Health is a CPD education provider under the RACGP CPD Program. On completion, GPs can manually self-record your participation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded practitioners, and contribute to a better understanding of the benefits of proven pathology testing for patients with mental health symptoms.

Seats are limited, so book now! Share this invitation with colleagues who believe in knowing the latest proven science and may be interested in attending.