BBH Training Approach

Precision Medicine for Mental Health:

– Balancing biochemistry associated with mental health symptoms

Psychiatry is different from other medical fields in that Psychiatrists use mental health symptoms as the basis of patient treatment, rather than testing the biochemical physiology of the patient. Treatment reviews are based on a change in patient symptoms.

Bio Balance Health trains doctors to not just treat the symptoms, but to identify underlying contributing causes. Specific pathology tests can be used to identify biochemical imbalances commonly associated with mental health symptoms. Addressing these underlying biochemical imbalances can help patients return to optimal health.

The hallmarks of the training are supported with scientific references and case histories selected to demonstrate a wide range of clinical presentations to demonstrate how to differential diagnose and manage.

Test – Assess – Treat – Repeat

Medical Doctor Training Program

The online course is an intensive syllabus for Medical Doctors, providing a valuable, additional quantitative tool to support their patients. Coordination of clinical evaluation processes, with the sequential measurement of biochemistry and biomarkers, enables doctors to individualise current mental health treatment options for their patients.

Australian Faculty

Developed from the skill of William J. Walsh, PhD, Australian experienced medical practitioner trainers present the online program. The online lectures, interactive sessions and patient cases allow you to see and learn, the evaluation and treatment of patients with mental health symptoms. The training program incorporates self-paced pre-recorded lectures and case studies with interactive sessions.

Further Training Programs

To advance their application of this knowledge, doctors who have completed the core syllabus can register for specialist lectures, ASD lecture series, and patient assessment events presented by academics, international consultants and experienced Australian doctors.

Training programs for Compounding Pharmacists, and Health Practitioners (coming soon) further complement the programs offered, ensuring those working in synergy with Bio Balance Health-trained doctors have an understanding of the techniques to benefit their patients.

The online public education lectures complement the suite of BBH programs, providing information to medical and health practitioners, the general public, and patients seeking resources in this area.

CPD Points

Bio Balance Health is a CPD education provider under the RACGP CPD Program. On completion, GPs manually self-record their participation (2 points per hour, up to 30 points per course) as a non-accredited course.
“The material I was taught at the training was life changing. I would never have imagined that mental illness was related to biochemistry in that way. I am so pleased to be able to offer patients something different and to see positive outcomes.”