BBH Training Approach

Precision Medicine for Mental Health:

Demonstrating the use of biochemical and biomarker measures for improved patient outcomes

Psychiatry is different from other medical fields in that Psychiatrists use mental health symptoms as the basis of patient treatment, rather than testing the biochemical physiology of the patient.  Treatment reviews are based on a change in patient symptoms.

BBH is an intensive syllabus for Medical Doctors, providing a valuable, additional quantitative tool to support their patients.  Coordination of clinical evaluation processes, with the sequential measurement of biochemistry and biomarkers, enables doctors to individualise current mental health treatment options for their patients.

The training program incorporates self-paced pre-recorded lectures and case studies with interactive sessions. Practitioners experienced in the Bio Balance Health/Walsh program present patient case studies, allowing you to see and learn, in real-time, the evaluation and diagnosis of patients with mental health and behavioural disorders and individualised application of the techniques.

Due to improved patient outcomes, Bio Balance Health trained doctors find they become fully booked with long waiting lists due to patient demand.

Doctors who have completed the training program, can register for Returning Doctor events scheduled regularly throughout the year.

To advance their application of this knowledge Returning doctors can register for specialist lectures, ASD lecture series, and patient assessment events presented by academics, international consultants and experienced Australian doctors.

Training programs for Compounding Pharmacists, and Health Practitioners (coming soon) further complement the programs offered, ensuring those working with Bio Balance Health trained doctors have an understanding of the Bio Balance Health techniques for the benefit of the patient.

The online public lecture series complements the suite of BBH programs, providing information to the general public, and patients seeking resources in this area.

Registration Details

New Doctor – Online Training Program

The New Doctor Training Program syllabus consists of four online learning modules (Mental Health Stream), requiring assessments to proceed to the next module.  Modules 1, 2 and 3 include pre-recorded lectures and patient case histories.  Module 4* is a livestream session which includes real patient case presentations and Q&A session.  The online training format allows for more flexible self-paced learning opportunities for Doctors to seamlessly implement the program with confidence in their practice at completion of the program.

New Doctor Registration Fee:   $1750 (inc GST)

Module One – Introduction to Targeted Biochemical Therapy
Module Two – Differentiation of Clinical, Biochemical and Biomarker Presentations
Module Three – Practice Setup and Implementation
Module Four* – Patient Assessments – Livestream Sessions – Date of next event TBC
(Total 30 Hours)

*Note:  Module Four is held as a livestream online event.
Due to patient confidentiality this module cannot be recorded for later viewing.  Doctors registering for the training are required to complete the first three Modules prior to participating in Module Four.

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Upon completion of the program, doctors are provided with one year BBH Doctor Membership, with benefits including 12 Months access to the Online BBH Doctor Forum.

Returning Doctor – Online Training Program

The Returning Doctor online program (Mental Health and ASD Streams) enables BBH trained doctors to extend and update their skills by participating in live ZOOM patient presentations, case history discussions and Q&A panels, as well as online lecture content.

As part of the program, Doctors who completed BBH training prior to 2020, are required to complete the Core Syllabus Online Program for medico legal compliance with the most up-to-date knowledge based on new data and research developments.

ASD Returning Doctor Module consists of a number of ASD experts from Australia and overseas covering a range of topics and ZOOM patient consultations and discussions.

Returning Doctor Registration Fee:         $995 (inc GST)
BBH Alumni Member Registration Fee:  $895 (inc. GST)

2021 Returning Doctor Registration price includes: Mental Health and ASD Returning Doctor Program: Core Syllabus Updated Content, Extension Lecture Program: ASD Stream (2 Lectures – Dr Cindy Schneider), Mental Health Stream (2 Lectures – William J. Walsh), Pyrrole Lecture and B6 Role and Risk Management.  (Total 30 Hours).

To register and pay online:

What will you Learn:

  • Demonstrated use of biochemical and biomarker measures for improved patient outcomes
  • Quantitative tools to support mental health patients
  • Knowledge of key nutrients and symptoms associated with mental health and nutrient deficiency
  • Relating symptom clusters to biochemical testing and measuring the response to treatment
  • Expertise to effectively implement the program within your practice at completion of the training
  • Application of clinical evaluation, selection of testing and use of laboratory reports for effective, individualised and targeted treatment programs for patients.
  • How to incorporate the skill in your own practice using Australian resources.

“The material I was taught at the training was life changing. I would never have imagined that mental illness was related to biochemistry in that way. I am so pleased to be able to offer patients something different and to see positive outcomes.”

Class of 2019

For further Information:

Tel: (07) 5679 6675

Medical Doctor Training Program

Developed from the skill of William J. Walsh PhD, Australian experienced practitioner trainers present online lectures, interactive sessions and live patient cases, allowing you to see and learn, the evaluation and diagnosis of patients with mental health and behavioural disorders.

The hallmarks of the training will be supported with scientific references and case histories selected to demonstrate a wide range of clinical presentations to demonstrate how to differential diagnose and manage.

Prior to the training, each doctor is provided with pre-reading and learning materials. New Doctors must complete evaluations prior to progressing to the next module. Each doctor has the opportunity to participate with world-class experts in the evaluation of patients diagnosed with behavioural disorders, ADHD, clinical depression, postpartum depression, bipolar, schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders. Doctors attend real-time patient assessments as part of the training program, where a panel of experienced doctors consult to the patient’s Australian doctor.

Australian Faculty

The Australian faculty now leads the Doctor Training Program and includes experienced Bio Balance Health trained Doctors and invited guest presenters to enable you to confidently evaluate laboratory testing, diagnose biochemical imbalances and equip you to design effective, individualised management for your patients. Ongoing mentoring and support is available to New Doctor attendees from experienced Bio Balance Health Alumni Doctors. Returning Doctors are asked to assist in the recruitment of patients for assessment.