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Bio Balance Health Events

Bio Balance Health organises events across Australia including the Annual Medical Doctor Training Program and Patient Assessment Program, as well as Public Conferences, Forums and Medical Mentoring Programs. Calendar of various other opportunities from our alliance organisations are also listed for sharing with the Bio Balance Health community.

Walsh Research Institute Events

Copper and Zinc Imbalances in Mental Disorders – Protocols for Normalizing Blood & Brain Levels

An Educational Webinar for Medical Practitioners
​Presented by William J. Walsh, PhD, FACN

This LIVE webinar is aimed at educating medical professionals in management of copper and zinc imbalances that can impair brain function.  The webinar will focus on copper overload and zinc deficiency including an in-depth review of symptoms/traits and interpretation of laboratory results.  Advanced nutrient therapy will be taught including dosages for normalizing copper-zinc levels in the brain, safety considerations and patient after-care.

Registrants may choose to attend on 10th, 12th or 20th September 2019 or purchase a copy of the webinar recording.

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NIIM Events

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