From the President - February 2018

The team at BioBalance Health is so excited to greet 2018 – not only is it the first time we have held a doctor training in Melbourne, we are also celebrating our 20th year anniversary.  

Who would have thought an idea of two fathers in 1998, who felt that there must be some answers to the problems that their daughters were suffering from, would result 20 years later in having 260 doctors being trained in Australia, as well as the growth of pathology businesses in every state, a huge growth in compound pharmacies, as well as a huge social media presence.  The words Methylation and Pyrroles are now in common use. 

Many Australian scientists have begun researching what is being called Nutrient Psychiatry. 

These two fathers, Bruce Jeanes and the late John Skelton heard Bill Walsh speak at a Conference in Canada in 1997, where he was speaking about his research which began in the 1970’s and were impressed by his scientific approach.  Thanks to the vision of all three men, BioBalance Health was born.  Our first training was on the Gold Coast with one doctor and 18 mental health patients with Schizophrenia and every year the number of doctors who attend increases.  In 2017 there were 74 doctors attending with an increase in the number of psychiatrists attending, so much so that we now have 10% of our doctor base being psychiatrists, with 230 doctors trained in total, and 264 by the end of the March training.   We especially love to hear doctors say that it has revolutionised the way they practice medicine. 

In 2017, we also held our first Scientific Research dinner, where we had a great exchange of ideas on research with attendees from many universities.  The following evening, we followed this up with a dinner for all the doctors who were at the training and interested in research.  There was great interest and many ideas regarding research were generated. 

The Griffith University/Menzies Institute Research Open Label study on Violent & Aggressive children was published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology in May, 2017 to critical acclaim.   It became the 6th most cited paper in the Journal for 2017.   We now have a number of Universities involved in research using the Walsh Nutrient protocols, or similar offshoots of this work.   Dr Stephanie Fryar-William’s, one of our trained psychiatrists, research into Biomarkers for Schizophrenia is progressing well.   The QUT collaboration with the Walsh Research Institute on Schizophrenia is now under way.   The University of Christchurch with Professor Julia Rucklidge and her team is undertaking research into pyrroles, and Dr Nick Carrigan, another of our trained psychiatrists, is looking into research into Alzheimer’s.   

This small charity of volunteers has grown exceedingly large and complex so we have been very busy organising the succession planning of the organisation with a new Constitution, and we will be known as BioBalance Health Ltd.   It has required a lot of work from all of us, but when completed will mean the longevity of the organisation when the Founders are ready to move on. 

A decision to hold the 2018 conference and training in Melbourne was taken because of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast at the same time, and we had already held our annual program on the Gold Coast in the past 5 years.  Before that we had held 9 doctor training programs in Sydney where the late Marion Redstone introduced the idea of training doctors to treat Autism.   When we received a request from the Melbourne doctors to hold a training in Melbourne it seemed an ideal opportunity. In 2017 we decided to attend a number of conferences such as Lifestyle, GP17, plus the GPCE conference.  We were impressed at the very positive hearing we received from many of the doctors who attended our stands at these conferences.    

A very special thank you to all our volunteers and associates over the past 20 years, Bruce Jeanes, the late Marion Redstone, her daughter Marnie Lo, Margaret Harms, Chris and Angela Testa, Mike Redstone, Brian Porritt, our newest volunteer Alison Harrington, Robyn Hughes, Anne-Mary Hromeck and many doctors who have given their time.  In fact, the generosity of many, many people with their time and efforts in promoting these protocols because they know they are so very helpful, is so numerous I can only thank you all most sincerely.  It is wonderful to know that so many people are so passionate to help the mentally ill and Autistic children that it is a pleasure and an honour to have been so involved with this work for all these years. 

Of course, we could not have achieved these wonderful results if our amazing faculty from the USA had not been prepared to travel all this way, to work extremely hard for a week, and then disappear for another year.   We are honoured that they have given up so much of their time to educate all our wonderful doctors.  Doctors Bill Walsh, Albert Mensah, Judy Bowman, Liz Mumper, Nancy O’Hara, Mary Megson, James Neubrander and Julie Buckley – thank you! 

How exciting to wonder what the next 20 years will bring!