Bio Balance Health celebrates 20th anniversary

  • 1998  Bio-Balance Health Association was incorporated on 18th August
  • 2003  Laboratories in Australia accepted the opportunity to conduct the very specific tests required for the Walsh treatment protocols.  These are very specialized, and were not being conducted in Australia, so we are very grateful that they pioneered this work. Safe Laboratory on the Gold Coast agreed to conduct the first Pyrrole urine tests. Sonic Health agreed to do the specialized blood histamine tests
  • 2004  Bio-Balance received Deductible Tax Status for Donors and was approved as a Registered Charity
  • 2004  The first Outreach Training Program commenced with one doctor and 16 patients
  • 2005  Marion Redstone joined forces and Autism training was added to the annual programs
  • 2009  The Royal Australian General Practitioner ( RACGP) accredited Bio-Balance training programs with Category Points
  • 2013  The 10th Anniversary of the Outreach Programs was celebrated
  • 2015  QUT Schizophrenia Research initiated.  Research study will commence 2017 in cooperation with Mensah Medical
  • 2015  Menzies Research -  Behavioural Disorders ADD/ADHD study of aggressive adolescents approved and research commenced
  • 2017  Micronutrient Therapy for Violent Aggressive Male Youth – Research Study published in Journal Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
  • 2017  Biomarkers of a five-domain translational substrate for schizophrenia and schizoaffective psychosis. Research study by our trained psychiatrist/Researcher  Dr Stephanie Fryar Williams
  • 2018  More than 270 Australian Doctors have attended the  Bio Balance Medical Doctor Training Programs
  • 2018  Bio Balance Health Ltd  formed  -   the Association now moving to a Public Company limited by Guarantee and Directors appointed

Another successful Bio Balance Health forum was held in Coolum, QLD in 2017 thanks to the support of our hard working volunteers and doctors, from back, left to right, Robyn Hughes, Dr Frank Golik, Margaret Harms, Marnie Lo, Dr Tracey Johns, and from front, Dr Sharon Chant, Dr Eddie Osborne and Dr Nicole Nelson.


Lets get physical... Bio Balance Health secretary, Margaret Harms, cycles towards a healthy breakfast at the GP17 Conference in Sydney.


2017 was a busy year for Bio Balance Health with attendance at the Lifestyle, GP17 and GPCE conferences in Sydney and Melbourne.


Judy Nicol celebrating her birthday  - up, up and away as we would like Bio Balance Health to soar in the next 20 years!'


We’re not there yet but here is our wish list for the future

  • Bio Balance doctor training accepted into University Medical School
  • Compounded Nutrients and Vitamins prescribed by doctor on PBS scheme
  • Private Health Insurance for Bio Balance treatments
  • Published Research in prestige journals
  • Medicare rebates for patient testing
  • Affordable access to Bio Balance protocols for all mental health patients