On the Road to Recovery

Christie, left, met with Dr William Walsh and Dr Jenny Draper at the Walsh Research Institute Outreach 2017.


Christie never imagined that she would be able to make the seven hour journey from her small town in New South Wales to the Gold Coast for a medical consultation.

Nearly two decades of anxiety, panic, depression and chronic fatigue had taken its toll, with the 42 year-old rarely leaving the safety of her home.

“I have only driven my car a handful of times in the last eight years,” said Christie, after arriving at the Bio-Balance Health Association Outreach in March this year.

 “I am amazed that I am here. I really only leave the house to go to see a doctor.

 “It would be 20 years since I’ve been able to drive out of the perimeter of my town…I find it terrifying.”

However, after recently experiencing improvements to her anxiety through nutrient therapies, she felt empowered to make the journey to meet with Dr William Walsh, an internationally recognised expert on biochemical imbalances.

She had found the Bio-Balance Health website, which led her to a local doctor trained in the Walsh Research Institute treatment protocols.

“I’m constantly reading articles and looking for answers,” said Christie. I read about Dr Walsh and his work, and I thought this sounds like me.”

Her first long drive in many years was not without its challenges, with Cyclone Debbie unleashing her fury across northern New South Wales and Queensland at that time.

“The motorway was closed due to the rain and the floods, so I had to detour through Grafton and Glen Innes along the old highway,” said Christie.

“I left home at 10am on Saturday and arrived on the Gold Coast at 4am on Sunday morning. I drove the whole time, only stopping for something to eat.”

Christie is amazed at her achievement.

“Before I couldn’t have left the house.”


Battle with health

Christie has battled allergies and poor health since she was a child, but said her anxiety spiralled out of control when she was a 23 year-old fashion design student in Sydney.

“I’ve always been a bit of a worrier, always nervy and on edge,” she said.

“One morning I was going to University by bus because someone had stolen my car.”

Christie said a family breakup and financial worries were also playing on her mind that day.

“I was running late and decided to have a coffee, then I rushed into class.

“I had an argument with a friend and then all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe, I felt dizzy, like I was spinning….I thought I was going to die.”

She was tested for allergies, and over the following months and years saw many GPs and doctors specialising in environmental and orthomolecular medicine, endocrinology and neurology.

“I still felt extremely agitated and anxious, so I quit my course in Sydney and went back home.

“The first 10 years I tried to go out and see people but I couldn’t enjoy it. Then I just gave up. I lost contact with friends.

“Living with extreme anxiety is hard. You have a buzzing feeling in your chest, you feel dizzy, there is always a sense of doom.”

What followed was a merry-go-round of visits to see psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, naturopaths and homeopaths.

“I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder in 1998. I spent months gasping for air and all the skin around my mouth turned yellow.”

The same year she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Systemic Candida and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

She was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2008 and later developed excruciating headaches and an intolerance to noise.

Over the years she has tried to find relief from her many symptoms through various diets, as well as meditation classes, yoga and massage.

Christie said she has been taking supplements on and off for many years.

“I always knew supplements were important, but I didn’t know if I was taking the right quantities.”

It is early days into her treatment, but she believes the Walsh protocol has had a positive impact on her health.

“I hope that with the help of Dr Walsh and Dr Jenny I will one day be able to work and lead a more normal life in the future,” said Christie.