From the President - August 2017

Bio-Balance Health is very excited to report that we are taking our Doctor Training and Conference on the road in 2018 – all the way to Melbourne. 

We have received so many requests from the Victorian doctors and patients for us to come to Melbourne over the years, and since we had spent 9 years in Sydney, followed by 5 years on the Gold Coast, we did think it was time for us to come to Melbourne.

It is amazing to us all, that in 2004, we began by training one doctor, who saw 18 patients and that by 2017, we have trained 230 doctors, mostly from Australia, but some from New Zealand, South East Asia, Hong Kong, and one Irish and one UK doctor.  

What is also very exciting is that now a number of our doctors have begun research projects – one of whom published a paper in 2016, which according to Research Journal was considered internationally, one of the five most influential papers for 2016 for Biomarker Research.   This ground breaking research is putting Australia in the forefront of validating Advanced Nutrient therapy.    She is about to begin the next expensive stage of her project and will be reporting on it to our Doctors at the 2018 training in Melbourne.    Another of our doctors is looking into research into Alzheimer’s and is awaiting Ethics approval.  All this, plus the work Bill Walsh is doing in the USA –plus our QUT study with Bill, is now much closer, after many unfortunate delays. 

We look forward to receiving help to spread the word about our time in Melbourne from the 17-23rd March next year from all our supporters in Melbourne, and to seeing many new doctors attend to learn about this exciting new field of Nutritional Psychiatry.   Since our Conference will have some of the top speakers in their field speaking for the first time in Melbourne, we expect that we will have a great attendance on Sunday 18th March. 

Please save the date and we are all looking forward to meeting you there. 

Judy Nicol