From The President August 2013

Our 10th Anniversary Medical Practitioner Training and Patient Assessments began on 6th April, 2013 at a new venue, the Outrigger Resort Hotel, in a new city, Surfers Paradise.

We were delighted that 52 doctors registered to attend, with 20 new doctors attending for the first time. Training was given by Drs Albert Mensah and Judith Bowman with additional lectures by Dr Liz Mumper, Dr Julie Buckley, Dr Annabel Stuckey, Dr Frank Golik, Dr Kerry Harris and Dr Richard Stuckey. It was great to see how much the doc-tors who had attended in previous years looked forward to meeting up with the group again and how warmly they welcomed the newcomers.

The Conference on the 7th April attracted 270 attendees, who appreciated the lectures from our USA Faculty as well as Dr Woody McGinnis from USA/NZ and Dr Kerry Harris from South Australia. The Q &A sessions were very popular with the public as people were able to query all the doctors who had lectured. People were also milling around the 10 stallholders who were very happy with the response from the public. Amongst the stalls, we were selling Bill Walsh’s and Julie Buckley’s books. As well, some young Mums had developed business to help those families with Autistic children and we were happy to give them a platform to show their products. The whole day had a great buzz.

For our 10th Anniversary, we celebrated with a dinner in the evening, which was well attended by many of our doctors, people who have been our supporters over the years, and some of our sponsors. As well, some of the Universities also supported us by taking a table each. The theme of the evening was black and white and most people got into the spirit of the night by dressing appro-priately. A surprise of the evening was the “Singer Wait-ers” who entertained us with a selection of light Opera songs and we all joined in singing these lovely songs.

We had 175 patients attend. Some are apprehensive in not quite knowing what to expect, but in every case when they leave they are all feeling positive and hopeful. Many who came from Dr Buckley’s room could not wait to get started on a new protocol and it was helped by the fact that she had recovered her own child and was very practical in what the families could do and achieve. Some loved the fact that Dr Mumper gave them a very orga-nized protocol to follow and of course, everyone loved Dr Walsh’s approach. Their Australian doctors also learnt a great deal in these sessions.

Since we received many requests to have it at the same venue and the same place, we have already booked the space for 2014 from the 5th April to the 12th and this time we hope to provide some really lovely weather for our interstate and overseas visitors as well - unlike the weather this year.

I would like to thank all those who worked so hard and contributed so much to the success of this Event: Marnie Lo, Margaret Harms, Angela Testa, Bruce Jeanes and the many other people who are helping to spread the word around as well as all the generous help we received from people on the Conference Day itself. We very much ap-preciate it.

Judy Nicol

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