Help for Post Natal Depression


POST NATAL DEPRESSION is something no-one needs to suffer from.

Did you know that Post Natal Depression is easily fixed? And no - it does not need the use of anti-depressants.

When a woman falls pregnant, her body chemistry changes.  Her hormones change – which affects the micro-nutrients in her body. This, in turn, affects her neurotransmitters. Once the neurotransmitters alter, there is a change in how a woman thinks and how she feels. While she is pregnant, these changes occur gradually – over 9 months. The woman has time to adapt to these changes and, in most cases, copes well.

When the baby is born, the woman’s body goes through massive changes - quite suddenly.  Most times there is a ‘day 3 blues day’ – when she cannot stop crying. Her hormones, body chemistry and neurotransmitters take a beating.

At this stage, her copper/zinc levels normally come crashing down to pre-pregnancy levels. Other nutrients are affected – but copper and zinc are the most dominant. After day 3, she is generally back to her old self.

However, for some women, their copper and zinc levels do not come back to pre-pregnancy straight away. Their levels remain elevated longer and drift down gradually. Dr. Walsh found that the majority of post-natally depressed women have the abnormally elevated copper/zinc ratios.

After their levels have been measured, via a simple blood test, they can be brought back into normal range. This simple treatment has cured 97% of women suffering from post-natal depression. (Other essential elements will also need adjusting  - but the main culprits are the copper and zinc elements.)

Let me repeat that.

97% of post-natal depression can be cured

Only doctors trained in the Pfeiffer nutrient therapy know what to look for and how to find the solution.

What is staggering is how simple the remedy is – and how few women know about it. 

Bio-Balance has a list of the doctors trained in this treatment.  Check out their website for more information.



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