From the President July 2012

From the Meet & Greet on Friday night 24th March to the last day on Saturday 31st March, the atmosphere was one of warmth and enthusiasm at this year's Outreach.   We had a wonderful group of 17 new doctors who participated in our training program. Led by Doctors Mensah and Bowman, they have gained a thorough understanding of the basics of the Walsh/Pfeiffer protocols.  Our 20 returning doctors gave them generous support as well.

This year we initiated a Nurse training programme to enable the nurses to assist our trained doctors in patient compliance and other matters.  Nurse Jan Olah from the original Pfeiffer clinic who assisted Bill Walsh in those early days came here as our first Nurse Trainer.  Unfortunately, two days before leaving for Australia she injured her back and had to use a wheelchair for her time in Australia.  We thank her most sincerely for her determination to complete the nurse training program.

Dr Walsh gave a stimulating lecture on Tuesday night, much of it based on his new book "Nutrient Power" which is now available through his website.

Our Conference was attended by close to 200 people. Dr Mary Megson gave a lecture on autism titled Sailing Through Life: Genetic Predisposition, Environmental Exposures, Common Pathways which our guest speaker Associate Professor Cherny declared could be delivered in any scientific forum anywhere.  Dr Elizabeth Mumper's lecture was directed to Healing the Gut of Autistic Children.  Dr Richard Stuckey gave an account of his 12-months follow-up of the 567 patients he saw in his first year of using the Pfeiffer/Walsh biochemical treatment approach, titled Targeted Nutritional Treatment of Mental Illness, a paper on which has recently been published in the ACNEM Journal. The morning’s proceedings concluded with a vigorous question and answer session between the audience and Drs Megson, Mumper and Stuckey.    The afternoon session opened with an address by our Guest Speaker, Associate Professor Robert Cherny from the Mental Health Research Institute (MHRI) in Melbourne who spoke on Alzheimer’s Disease: The search for a cure and the research work being done in this area at MHRI. The last speaker on the program was Dr William Walsh who gave a stimulating talk titled Nutrient Power: Normalising the Brain, the main components of which were:

  • Impact of nutrients on brain function
  • Epigenetics and mental illness
  • The Walsh Theory of Schizophrenia
  • A new autism model
  • Chemical classifications for schizophrenia, depression and behaviour disorders
  • Individualised biochemical therapies
  • A promising Alzheimer’s treatment.

The Conference proceedings are available in full detail on the Conference DVD, which Conference attendees and members are strongly recommended to purchase – see notice elsewhere in the Newsletter for details.

Next year will be the 10th Anniversary of the Australian Outreach and we will see our 100th new Australian Doctor complete the training, so for such an event we look forward to making it a special occasion, including an Anniversary Dinner – see notice on next page.

Late Breaking News: Congratulations to our Co-Founder, current Management Committee Member and Newsletter Editor, John Skelton, who received the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List “for service to community health through advocacy, respite and support services.”    Ever since John’s daughter became ill in 1980, he has worked tirelessly in many different organizations to make a difference in the lives of those suffering mental illness and their families, culminating in co-founding Bio-Balance Health Association in 1998.   Please see a Press Release and a newspaper article An Unconventional Man on our website for further details of his career.  We are all thrilled that his many years of volunteer work has been recognized.   John is 87 this year and, as you can see, is still editing our Newsletter and actively involved in managing Bio-Balance activities.

Judy Nicol

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