Tinnitus and Anxiety

I had the pleasure of meeting  Ilona last week.– she is a pint-sized ball of energy – who in her early 70’s, dances and sings in a theatre group and very involved in a couple of charities – amongst other things. Her story is interesting as it could explain why the Walsh nutrient treatment therapy works on tinnitus.

It happened 12 years ago. Her husband was due for some serious heart surgery – which worried her – and sent her blood pressure up. The day before the operation, the dreaded tinnitus started. Her anxiety levels understandably very high that day. Sadly her husband did not make it through the operation. Ilona’s tinnitus continued for next 12 years. For those who do not have tinnitus – it is a constant ringing in the ears – a constant stress and is ‘enough to drive you mad’. Sometimes it woke her at night – and it is there all day every day.

Ilona never thought she was a particularly anxious person. However her tinnitus continued unabated. She tried acupuncture which helped ‘a little but did not cure’ her. Yoga and Chinese herbs did not do a thing for her. Hypnosis helped during the session, but afterwards the tinnitus came back. Meditation w, over time, it gradually decreased so Ilona learned to live with it. If she was jet-lagged or anxious, the tinnitus got much worse.

As luck would have it, she was hosting a doctor friend, who came to Sydney to be trained at the Walsh Institute Conference. He heard that nutrient therapy could help tinnitus. Desperate she made the appointment to meet one of the Sydney Walsh trained doctors, for which she waited for one month. The doctor measured her blood and urine to establish her individual nutrient levels and prescribed her specific nutrients – one of which is zinc – a common one for anxiety. The results also showed high copper levels along with her low zinc levels.  Ilona takes 8 capsules a day – 4 in the morning, 4 at night.

Nothing much happened for 4 weeks. The next two weeks her symptoms started to decrease. Then suddenly she was symptom free for six whole days in a row. Ilona was so thrilled, she rang Bio Balance – the organisation that puts together these doctor training programs – and sang the praises of this treatment. On the seventh day – the tinnitus came back –at levels much below her original noise level. If her original level was a 10, her new level was 3. This was followed by 15 days, noise free, then it returned for a few days. Ilona feels that the noise-free periods are extending and the days she hears the tinnitus, it is much less bothersome.

When she wakes in the night she hears low level noise until ‘her brain clicks in’ but ‘many days there is nothing and I forget all about it’, said Ilona. If it is there, the level is about 2. Her anxiety about having to live with this for the rest of her life has disappeared.

On her supplements, Ilona has also had much better sleep and has noticed her fingernails are stronger. 

 Ilona can live with a 2 noise level.  She has even offered to talk to others about her experience. If you want to ask her any questions about her tinnitus – you can email her through Bio-Balance blog Post Comments. 

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