Dr Joanne Voisey

Epigenetics Research & Mental Health

What is the relationship between epigenetics, relevant pathology, and nutraceuticals in Mental Health?
Dr Joanne Voisey explains the QUT Research project into the verification of the clinical value of using objective measures to guide treatment.

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Research is the only way to secure the ongoing use of sequential pathology testing for mental health and targeted nutraceutical prescribing to repair core physiology.

Dr Voisey commenced a research project with William J Walsh, PhD in 2015. The investigation into these early projects have led to the creation of a broad observational study using the only doctors in the world who are using sequential pathology to track and measure mental health and treatment response. Combining Dr Voisey’s leading research into epigenetics and pathology related to mental health, these presentations will give insight into improvements of assessment and treatment.

Dr Voisey will explain how epigenetics can be used to demonstrate treatment efficacy. Dr Voisey’s research demonstrates that PTSD in Veterans has the potential to alter the epigenetics of their children. Original research in Australia has demonstrated how biomarkers can give insight into physiological changes in mental health, and how pathology can be used to make highly predictive diagnosis of schizophrenia. Combined with the original work of Microba into gut flora and mental health this project will unearth a wealth of benefits by increasing the understanding of the triggers for mental health.

Bio Balance Health doctors are actively urged to participate in this research. The public can also approach one of our doctors to ask to be included in the study. The potential is exciting.

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