Outreach 2016

March 14 – 20th, Gold Coast, Queensland

Patient Assessments - Outreach

14-20 March 2016
Outreach 2016 - Patient Assessments


Do you or a family member suffer from depression, post-natal depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, ADD or ADHD, a behavioural disorder or an autism spectrum disorder?

Our team of internationally acclaimed USA doctors visiting Australia in March 2016 could help change your/their life. Your doctor will attend the consultation with you and learn how to continue your individualised biochemical treatment program for the best possible outcome.

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Doctor Training Program - Outreach

14-20 March 2016
Outreach 2016 - Medical Doctor Training Program

A Training Program for Medical Doctors, covers Advanced Nutrient Therapy Protocols for Mental and Behavioural Disorders pioneered by the late Dr. Carl Pfeiffer and further developed through extensive research and clinical experience by Dr. William J. Walsh. Advanced evaluation and treatment techniques for Autism Spectrum Disorders will be also be covered in detail.

Approved RACGP QA & CPD points. Approved ACRRM 30 PDP points

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Outreach Conference

Sunday 20 March 2016
Outreach 2016 - Conference

Autistic Spectrum Disorders | Mental & Behavioural Disorders

Dr. Mary Megson, Dr Liz Mumper, Dr Judith Bowman, Dr Stephanie Fryar-Williams, Dr William Walsh

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Outreach 2016 DVD

DVD recordings of the Outreach 2016 Conference are now available for purchase

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