The History Of Bio-Balance

The Team

  • President: Judy Nicol (Brisbane) - former President Schizophrenia Fellowship Qld - son with schizophrenia.
  • Vice President: Bruce Jeanes (Perth/Gold Coast)
  • Newsletter Editor: John Skelton (Eden NSW, formerly Brisbane) – former President of ARAFMI Queensland and ARAFMI National Council – daughter with schizophrenia
  • Outreach Co-Coordinator: Marnie Lo (Sydney) - mother of twin sons with autism (one fully recovered)
  • Hon. Secretary & Administration: Margaret Harms (Gold Coast)
  • Technical: Michael Redstone (Sydney) - Producer of DVDs of our Conference material – twin grandsons with autism

The History

  • 1984: John Skelton attended a workshop given during a lecture tour of Australia by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer (USA), Director of the Princeton Brain Bio-Center, on the biochemical assessment and complementary nutritional treatment of people with mental and behavioural disorders
  • 1996: John Skelton met Bruce Jeanes and informed him about this type of treatment
  • 1997: John Skelton and Bruce Jeanes traveled to USA to visit institutes and clinics researching and applying this form of treatment, including Health Research Institute/ Pfeiffer Treatment Center (now closed) (HRI/PTC) in Chicago founded by Dr William Walsh in 1982. They were highly impressed with results being achieved there.
  • 1998: Bio-Balance Health Association (BBHA) founded with the primary aim of introducing biochemical assessment and complementary nutritional treatment of mental and behavioural disorders to Australia
  • 1999: BBHA invited Dr. Walsh to come to Australia to train an Australian doctor in the techniques of treating mental and behavioural disorders using his assessment and treatment protocols.
  • 1999: Judy Nicol became involved in BioBalance Health Association.
  • 2004: Dr Walsh came to Dr Richard Stuckey's practice on Gold Coast for 2 weeks to train Dr. Stuckey in his techniques with patients recruited by Bio-Balance Health Association.(The long delay between invitation and visit was due to the difficulty in finding a Laboratory to do the specialised blood, urine and hair analysis tests required.)
  • Meanwhile, Marion Redstone in Sydney, took her grandsons with Autism to Dr Walsh's clinic in Chicago for treatment.
  • 2005: Marion Redstone invited Dr. Walsh and Dr. Allen Lewis from his clinic to come to Sydney to train doctors in the treatment of Autism. She was supported and assisted by Bio-Balance Health, who recruited mental illness and behaviour disorder patients for Dr. Walsh. Nine doctors were recruited for training.
  • Since then, Dr Walsh has visited Sydney annually, accompanied by associated US medical experts, to conduct a Patient Assessment & Physician Training Outreach Clinic & Conference with (until her untimely death in 2008) Marion Redstone as Outreach Organizer and Bio-Balance Health co-operation and active support. Since then, Bio-Balance Health Association has assumed full responsibility for the Outreach
  • 2006: 16 doctors were trained (many of them returning for follow-up training because of their success with previously difficult patients) and 129 patients were assessed
  • 2007: 20 doctors were trained, including many returning for follow-on training
  • 2008: 27 doctors were trained, again including many returning for follow-on training
  • 2009: 29 doctors were trained, including many returning for follow-on training, and 169 patients were assessed.
  • 100 doctors have now been trained in Australia – RACGP points now awarded to doctors for this training.
  • Dr Walsh has had requests from 11 other countries to do "Australian style" training and has trained his first group of Norwegian doctors in 2009 and will be returning in 2010 to train doctors from Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
  • A Japanese doctor who has attended the Australian training twice is arranging training in Japan
  • Two Philippine doctors who attended the 2009 Outreach are arranging a training event in the Philippines in 2010
  • 2010 - 30 doctors trained
  • 2011 - 39 doctors trained
  • 2012 - 46 doctors trained